Saluting Innovation @ SmartMat

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Saluting innovation at SmartMat for developing a new fitness technology focused on the practice of Yoga. SmartMat is a responsive Yoga mat that interacts with your smartphone or other device via in-mat sensors that give you real-time feedback on your alignment and balance while you practice. Once you download the application on your phone, you will receive guided personalized instructions for your yoga practice.

Creating the world’s first “intelligent” yoga mat, SmartMat enables you to customize your mat based on your body, giving you tailored feedback to achieve the right alignment, balance and pose. The mat is meant to give you a chance to practice outside the studio in the comfort of your own home, and give you comprehensive data points of your body position and balance. Developed with similar materials as regular mats with heat resistance up to 110 degrees, SmartMat is portable and can be used in routine yoga classes as well.

We salute SmartMat for innovating mats used in one of the world’s oldest traditions and enabling yogis to enhance their practice with real-time data.

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