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Manufacturing Digital Twin in CPG

Video Series : A digital transformation discussion

Kalypso digital experts, Stephen Birtsas and Leo Moran, joined Tech-Clarity's Jim Brown for a discussion on digital transformation, specifically focusing on the manufacturing digital twin in the consumer packaged goods industry. The panel of subject matter experts addressed various questions, sharing their informed opinions and experiences. This short video series aims to highlight key insights from their conversation.

What even is a digital twin?

The first video of the series clarifies the concept of the manufacturing digital twin. Recognizing "digital twin" often tends to be used as a buzzword, we aim to ensure alignment before delving deeper into the conversation.

What is driving manufacturers to implement digital twins?

The second video explains how the implementation of digital twins is not merely a response to market pressure but also a strategic move towards enhancing operational efficiency, improving product quality and fostering innovation.

This proactive approach enables manufacturers to stay competitive in today's rapidly evolving landscape while meeting the expectations of customers and stakeholders alike.

How do I gain confidence in my production runs?

This video highlights how clients can leverage the manufacturing digital twin to ensure confidence in new processes, especially with emerging product demands.

By utilizing the digital twin, manufacturers can simulate and optimize production runs before implementation, minimizing risks and maximizing productivity. This proactive approach enhances operational success while instilling confidence in production processes.

How many digital twins should you have?

The last video of the series emphasizes how crucial it is that your simulation should only be as complex as necessary to address the questions or objectives you have defined. Maintaining a relentless focus on value is essential.

This video series just scratched the surface of the conversation between these subject matter experts. To dive deeper and hear about client examples and case studies, watch the full conversation on the manufacturing digital twin in the CPG industry.

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