Design, develop and deliver products faster by connecting R&D and manufacturing operations

We help manufacturers leverage digital technologies to connect Product Development with Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations, integrating the business and unlocking new capabilities.

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Product Launch Optimization is the digital connectivity between product development and manufacturing operations – a key pillar of Smart Connected Operations for enabling the digital thread.

Product Development and Manufacturing are often disconnected and operate in functional silos, making it difficult to achieve seamless transfer of information, strategic alignment and decision making between functions.

How We Help Clients with Product Launch Optimization

We are helping our clients evolve from physical to digital processes by digitizing product development and manufacturing operations and implementing analytics to collect, analyze and distribute data throughout the network to support insights and decision making.

Digital Product Creation with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the design process

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to manage the core product definition backbone

AR/VR/XR to enhance the design process with augmented reality applications

Voice of Customer (VOC) Product Testing to conduct immersive product testing sessions with consumer and customers to inform requirements

Quality Management to detect design and quality issues with AI

Digitalization of the Tech Transfer Process to seamlessly transfer product introductions and changes from Product Development to Manufacturing

Product Launch Optimization Case Studies

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