We’re on a mission:
to deliver on the promise of digital.

Businesses face huge challenges: workforce shortages, an urgent need for sustainability, cybersecurity threats and supply chain instability. In this landscape, we either adapt or die.

Thanks to innovations like AI, IoT, robotics, 5G, XR, and cloud computing, we can harness technology to create product advantage, while simultaneously using less energy, cutting costs, improving productivity, and eliminating scarcity.

We can reinvent how products come to life in ways that help business and improve humanity. Bottom line, digital technology can solve big challenges and improve every aspect of product creation and production, from speed to safety to profitability.

Realizing the potential of digital in the value chain and achieving intelligent autonomous operations is difficult. It’s difficult to identify the highest value problems, to solve them effectively, to fund and deliver transformations like this. It requires deep understanding of industry processes, emerging technologies and data science techniques, and the ability to bring it all together and drive change across functions.

How do we get there? With a practical vision and by delivering incremental value one project at a time. Perhaps by:

  • Adopting product lifecycle management to accelerate time to market; or
  • Using a digital twin to simulate designs for new products or factories; or
  • Using prescriptive analytics to improve production yields.

Why are we able to do it? We bring informed opinions grounded in industry expertise and technical depth. Kalypsonians have worked in research and development, on the plant-floor, and in distribution and logistics. We’ve helped clients develop products completely virtually, simulate production lines, emulate PLC code, and optimize performance with AI. Then, transition from virtual to physical and enable a closed loop across to evolve continuously.

As part of Rockwell Automation, we understand what it takes to pull off ambitious process and technology changes in an OT setting. You should accept nothing less when it comes to your manufacturing operations.

Every day, we wake up inspired by two things: our clients and their products. Our job? Connect the imaginations of our clients with the potential of technology to make the world work better.

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That is delivering on the promise of digital.