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How manufacturers utilize asset management and AI tools for better results

Senior manager, Chris Barnes, joins a panel to discuss how asset management is a critical aspect for manufacturers, turning data into actionable information that can change operations.

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Engagement central to the adoption of AI technolgies

Senior manager Mithun Nagabhairava explains the processes and steps involved in implementation projects

Automation World
Connect the Physical and Digital Worlds with a Digital Thread

Kalypsonian Stephen Birtsas shares the importance of organizations demonstrating ROI when implementing a digital thread strategy.

The Data Driven Warehouse

The future of supply chain planning requires digitization, automation, connectivity, and data-driven decision-making. Organizations that embrace these technologies create agile, transparent and efficient supply chains that are resilient to market changes and disruptions. Head to page 21 to read more.


The Future of Demand Management is Here
June 13, 2024
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Demand Planning has grown in complexity and importance in enabling advanced supply chain operations. Imagine a scenario in which all important supply and demand data is accurate, complete, and updated instantly across all functions. Moving toward a planning system with a Command Center that results in predictive decision-making is the future of demand planning, and Oracle’s technology supports that goal.
The Future of Supply Planning is Here
June 13, 2024
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The future of supply planning is shrouded in uncertainty. The current state of the economy, the ever-changing supply chain landscape, and the rapidly evolving technology are just a few factors that make predicting the future difficult. However, supply planning is critical to the success of any organization, and it is imperative to understand the trends that are likely to affect it in the years to come.
AIST Energy & Utilities Workshop
March 12–14, 2024
Nashville, TN
Join us for a comprehensive workshop on energy management and efficiency in the steel industry, organized by the AIST Energy & Utilities Technology Committee and leading subject experts. Erin Shaffer will present "Leveraging Digital Platforms and Analytics to Monitor WAGES Generation and Consumption to Achieve Corporate Sustainability Goals for the Steel Industry", shedding light on utilizing IIoT-driven solutions to revolutionize energy management in the steel industry. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of energy-related aspects in steelmaking and contribute to advancing energy management in the industry.
Kalypsonians attending: Erin Shaffer
Tire Technology Expo 2024
March 19–21, 2024
Hannover, Germany
Join us at Tire Technology Expo 2024 in Hannover, Germany, the premier event for the tire manufacturing industry, where industry leaders, innovators, and experts converge to explore the latest advancements shaping the future of tire technology. Amidst the challenges of evolving consumer demands and technological disruptions, gain strategic insights into technological advancements and discover cutting-edge solutions driving operational excellence.
Kalypsonians attending: Mithun Nagabhairava George Young
AISTech Conference & Expo
May 6–9, 2024
Columbus, Ohio
AISTech is North America’s largest annual iron and steel technology conference and exposition. It provides a global perspective on today’s marketplace by featuring technologies from all over the world that help steelmakers to compete more effectively. Sustainability lead Maria Lowry will present on leveraging digital platforms and analytics for sustainable steel industry practices.
Kalypsonians attending: Maria Lowry
CIM CONNECT Convention & Expo
May 12–15, 2024
Vancouver, Canada
Join us at CIM CONNECT to learn how our solutions tackle challenges to reduce costs, optimize plant operations and ensure compliance. During his session, Tommy Mitchell will unlock essential insights into digitalization strategies, frameworks and best practices. Stop by Booth 540 to connect with our experts and experience interactive demos including model predictive control, asset intelligence and mining operation management.
Kalypsonians attending: Tommy Mitchell
International Tire Exhibition & Conference (ITEC)
May 14–16, 2024
Akron, Ohio
Join us at ITEC where our tire industry leaders will showcase the latest innovations. Stop by Booth 605 to meet our team and learn how we're leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision to optimize tire production. Let's discuss how incorporating digital technologies into your strategy can enhance efficiency, minimize unplanned downtime, plus streamline integration and standardization across plants throughout the production lifecycle.