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Drive efficiencies and cost savings with smart connected field service operations

We help companies proactively maintain equipment health and uptime, and resolve issues quickly by leveraging digital technologies in field service operations.

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Field service operations has long been an area of inefficiency due to the reliance on manual methods and work. Now, in the "new normal" in the wake of a global pandemic, a changing workforce and rising competitive pressures, there are new opportunities for improved efficiency and safety in field service operations.

Transitioning from traditional field service operations to smart connected field service operations can deliver significant business value by enabling issues to be identified earlier, solved quicker and often without traveling on-site​. This in turn impacts key metrics such as increasing first time fix rate, decreasing mean time to repair, increasing field worker efficiency and utilization, and reducing support costs.

Field Service Operations Use Cases

Move field service from onsite to remote with lighter augmented reality (AR) solutions

  • Empower customer/onsite employees
  • Reduce travel time and costs, and enable social distancing
  • Improve Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and reduce costly downtime

Modernize service training with expert knowledge capture

  • Increase equipment up time through optimizing preventative service activities
  • Minimize technician down time
  • Optimize travel schedules to reduce costs
  • Reduce inventory

Optimize planning and scheduling of service activities with advanced analytics

  • Empower customer/onsite employees
  • Reduce travel time and costs, and enable social distancing
  • Improve Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and reduce costly downtime

Enable field service workers to be more effective onsite with AR

  • Enable step-by-step guidance
  • Minimize time needed to identify issues

  • Ensure first-time right installations and fixes
  • Enable engineer focus on the equipment instead of paperwork and manuals

How We Help Clients with Field Service Operations

Our smart connected operations solutions are built on top of leading IoT platforms and enabled by digital twins, advanced analytics and extended reality (XR). Our approach addresses your most pressing needs first and delivers business value quickly, from lightweight, instantly available AR solutions to comprehensive IoT-enabled XR solutions.

Demonstrate initial showcase of enabling technology

Secure executive sponsorship

Develop and maintain strategy and governance model

Identify and execute proof of value

Develop technology platform architecture and data backbone

Expand capability definition

Integrate throughout the Connected Enterprise

Deploy across field service lines

Field Service Operations Case Studies

Get Started with a Value Workshop

Contact us to schedule a value workshop where we'll understand use cases and associated value, begin prioritization of impact versus difficulty of implementation, and determine an MVP use case.

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