Enable real-time metrics to drive OEE improvement and lean production management

We help our clients improve OEE by bringing visibility, accountability and continuous improvement to the production floor with real-time monitoring of assets via digital dashboards.

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Manufacturing operations can underperform due to a range of issues such as equipment and labor availability, longer cycle times, uneven production balancing, and quality issues. This directly impacts Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) - the main metric used to measure the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive - which is dependent upon availability (uptime), performance (speed) and quality (good parts).

OEE improvements depend upon access to real-time, reliable and actionable data. Providing real-time insights ​into manufacturing process​ performance creates opportunities to make better decisions and take actions more quickly while also establishing a pattern of continuous learning and improvement across the organization.

Production Performance Management Benefits

Production performance management delivers immediate performance impact and strong financial benefits.

5-8% increase in production capacity

  • Improved visibility into asset performance​
  • Reduced duration of out-of-service assets​
  • Improved response time to KPIs

Reduction in shop floor bottlenecks

  • Accelerated identification of lines that are behind plan​
  • Make informed real-time decisions

How We Help Clients with Production Performance Management

Our production performance management approach is designed to establish a baseline dashboard solution built on top of the leading IIoT platforms that can be scaled to additional sites. We leverage a strong ecosystem of partner connections, open source tools and established solution architectures to tailor the right solution to fit your specific needs.

Role-based UI performance dashboards to deliver right data to the right audience

Real-time KPIs with configurable data sources, formulas and visualization modes

Work cell, line and site visualizations with bottleneck detection

Automatic workflows and notifications integrated into Continuous Improvement function

Flexible integration services with OT and IT systems

Get Started with a Value Workshop

Contact us to schedule a value workshop where we'll understand your manufacturing environment, review OEE use cases and associated value, identify and prioritize opportunities for OEE, and define process and success criteria.

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