Make smarter innovation investments to increase returns

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We help our clients fund the right mix of innovation projects across all growth horizons.

This means making better decisions about where to invest limited resources through increased insight, analytics and visibility into the innovation portfolio and project pipeline.

Every innovation portfolio is constrained by either human or financial resources. Portfolio management is a fundamental, yet dynamic process used to plan, align and optimize innovation investments within those constraints. As the link between innovation strategy and project execution, product portfolio management not only steers overall investment in the right direction but determines whether there are enough growth-generating initiatives in the pipeline to deliver against expectations.

Product and portfolio management done well can:

  • Ensure alignment between strategy and funded projects in the innovation pipeline
  • Optimize resource loading for priority projects to maximum value creation
  • Explore alternative scenarios to optimize investment within and across opportunity areas
  • Establish clear project priorities for maximum development throughput
  • Ensure appropriate balance of projects by innovation type, strategic bucket, geography and risk profile

How We Help Clients Make Smarter Innovation Investments

Regardless of your current portfolio management maturity, we help you design and implement a comprehensive process, organization and supporting toolset for more effective portfolio visibility and decision making. We work with you to define core process elements including product ideation, portfolio scope, governance structure and roles, strategic buckets, data, evaluation criteria, and resource pools.

Our approach establishes a business-minded portfolio review process

Our approach results in decisions that clarify linkages between investment allocation and the execution activity needed to achieve growth goals.

Product portfolio management (PPM) tools and software can enable the jump to a more dynamic portfolio management process by providing real-time pipeline visibility and analysis. As an objective provider of PPM advisory and implementation services, we have deep experience in PPM system strategy, evaluation, selection, design, implementation and optimization for all of the leading PPM software solutions. Our PPM outsourced and managed services provide ongoing system support, administration, maintenance and hosting as well as business process outsourcing and support.

Service Area Expertise

Business Process Design
Portfolio Governance
Resource Management
Program Management
Change Management
Business Case Development
Pipeline Rationalization
Product Strategy Roadmapping
Technology Development
Complexity Management
Analysis & Decision Making Tools
PPM Managed Services
Portfolio Management Software System Selection (PPM)
Product Portfolio Software Strategy & Implementation

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