Enable the Autonomous Enterprise with Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Expanding Human Possibility with AI

The adoption of new ways of working is accelerating. Distance is a health imperative and remote work and collaboration are ever more seamless.

Increased focus on global sustainability and supply chain uncertainty are driving industrial innovation, creating demand for new ways of making products and creating pressure to repatriate manufacturing and improved traceability of materials.

These changes bring more certainty in areas like supply chain, and promise a better environmental footprint. They also bring new challenges, such as labor cost pressures and increased scrutiny across the product lifecycle. Regardless of industry, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is how these challenges can be addressed systemically, by enabling the autonomous enterprise. Applying AI and data science-driven approaches is the key strategic trend across the board according to Gartner Research.

Those who succeed will pull exponentially ahead of the competition.

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The Kalypso Difference for Data Science & AI

Measurable Impact

We employ Lean Startup and Agile methods to help you deliver immediate value while building the infrastructure and business foundation for next steps.

We work with the existing data and infrastructure you already have to show fast value, in 8 to 12 weeks.

Human Focus

We apply human-centered discovery and design approaches to understand user needs and ensure that value is recognized.

When you work with us, your time and resources are focused on what’s most critical and your strategic intent is not lost in translation.

Radical Transparency

Unlike black box data science solutions – data goes in, decisions come out, with no insight into what happens in between – when you work with us, your IP and the capabilities developed are your own.

We shine a light on our process and approach, so models can evolve with new learnings, to ensure traceability and reduce risk.

Data Science & AI Focus Areas

We deliver results for clients in each of these areas across the enterprise.

Predictive Service & Maintenance
  • Efficient asset utilization
  • Earlier fault detection
  • Reduce asset downtime
  • Increase mechanical availability

We are not theorists. Our work lives in the real world.

Algorithms we developed are running and influencing production and decision making for our clients today. Our skillsets range across a broad spectrum, which means we can engage meaningfully at every step.


  • Industry focused research
  • New methodology development
  • Content creation and publication
  • Academic partnership


  • Analytics Translators
  • Business Case and Investment Advisory
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Agile and Design Thinking Methods

Data Science

  • Advanced Analytics and Modeling
  • Simulation and Optimization
  • Deep Learning and Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing


  • High Performance Computing
  • Model Management and Maintenance
  • System Integrations
  • DevOps and Managed Services

We are human-centric in how we serve you, and in the ways we ensure your work has a measurable, lasting impact. Our work together means the foundation is set to let you take ownership for future growth.

Set the Bar in Your Industry

Organizations that do not augment their operations and decision-making with data and AI will continue to fall far behind those who do. We have helped our clients create real and lasting impact at leading organizations, ensuring they will be the ones setting the bar for years to come.

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Thought Leaders

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