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The Future of Supply Chain Excellence is Here

On-Demand Learning Series

Join our On-Demand Learning Series of 3 discussions on what the "Future of Supply Chain Excellence" looks like and how today's technologies are preparing to advance operations.

We'll cover topics such as:

  • Demand Management
  • Supply Planning
  • Sales and Operations Planning

20+ years delivering business value with innovative Oracle solutions ​

250+ clients across industries and market segments, enterprise and SMB ​

Comprehensive, end-to-end Oracle Cloud digital value chain capabilities​

Oracle Cloud ​co-development partner ​

Oracle Cloud ​Marketplace vendor

Deep expertise in the discrete, hybrid and process industries

We offer clients end-to-end services for Oracle Cloud - strategic advisory, implementation and managed services ​

Our breadth and depth of capabilities provide convenience and efficiency only possible when working with a single partner from strategy through execution. ​

Our implementation approaches are flexible and designed to meet the unique needs of our clients regardless of size and maturity level.

Oracle Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SCM) ​Cloud

  • Innovation Management ​
  • Product Development​
  • Product Data Master Management​
  • Quality Management ​
  • Supply Chain Planning​
  • Order Management​
  • Replenishment Planning
  • Manufacturing​
  • Inventory Management​
  • Production Scheduling​
  • Procurement (Direct)​
  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Integrated Business Planning & Execution
  • Supply Chain Collaboration

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud ​

  • Financials​
  • Procurement (Indirect)​
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain & Manufacturing​
  • Revenue Management​
  • Risk Management & Compliance

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud​

  • Planning ​
  • Profitability and Cost Management ​
  • Financial Consolidation and Close ​
  • Enterprise Data Management​
  • Account Reconciliation ​
  • Tax Reporting

Oracle Cloud Intelligent Applications ​

  • IoT Smart Manufacturing​
  • IoT Connected Assets ​
  • IoT Connected Logistics ​
  • IoT Workplace Safety / Connected Worker​
  • IoT Service Asset Monitoring ​
  • Blockchain: Intelligent Track & Trace

Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud​

  • Sales Automation​
  • Customer Data Management (CDM)​
  • Commerce​
  • Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) ​
  • Subscription Management​
  • Field Service​
  • B2B/B2C Service ​
  • Enterprise Service Management

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)​

  • Analytics ​
  • Data Science​
  • Machine Learning ​
  • Big Data ​
  • Database (DBCS)​
  • Integration (OIC) ​
  • PaaS Applications

We help our clients build strong discover-to-sell digital thread capabilities

Through the implementation of Oracle Cloud solutions, we help our clients enable the digital thread that connects the enterprise and transforms product innovation.

Oracle Digital Thread

We provide end-to-end Oracle Cloud services that can help you at any stage of your digital transformation and solution implementation journey

Strategic Advisory

Develop value-based solution roadmap for digital transformation ​

Informed by industry and domain expertise, enabled by hybrid or end-to-end cloud solutions


Enable a digital thread across the value chain with Oracle Cloud applications​

Develop solution architecture, (re)design processes, configure, migrate data, develop integrations, test, validate and deploy applications​


Facilitate user adoption and value realization ​

Enable organizational leadership to plan and execute a change management program

Migration ​

Migrate Oracle legacy/on-premises to Oracle Cloud applications

Understand current state, map capabilities, develop transformation roadmap, benefits/risk analysis ​


Accelerate implementations with pre-built, leading-practice solutions and integration adapters

A combination of process templates, pre-configuration, pre-built UPK content, and RPA that reduce solution deployment time, investment and effort ​

Managed Services

Leverage specialized support from business and technical experts

Application monitoring and maintenance, system administration, functional support, changes and enhancements, Cloud release updates​

Kalypso has developed proprietary solutions and accelerators that provide additional functionality to meet common user needs and increase the value of select Oracle applications.

Formulation and Compliance Workbench

Kalypso helps formulated product manufacturers integrate recipe and formula development within their Oracle PLM solution with the Formulation and Compliance Workbench.

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Statistical Engine Tuning

Some companies implement Oracle Demantra or Demand Management Cloud applications with close to zero effort invested in tuning the statistical engine. Lack of tuning leads to sub-optimal statistical forecasts and higher forecast errors, which leads to many inefficiencies throughout the supply chain. “Engine Tuning” is a specialized skill, and Kalypso has the required knowledge and experience to offer this service.

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Oracle Cloud experience with digital transformation

Background image: Case Study Gopuff Banner 2022
Case Study / Gopuff

Case Study / Gopuff: Future-Proofed Growth

  • Sharply reduced the manual burden on its purchasing department

  • Made the company's increasingly complex operations more efficient

  • Automated purchasing, inventory, and replenishment

  • Got clarity into what's being purchased and at which price

  • Has more real-time financial visibility and reporting

How We Helped Gopuff Automate Internal Processes to Support Future Growth with Oracle Cloud

Kalypso was brought in by Gopuff to implement Oracle Cloud to increase automation, improve inventory tracking, and prepare for growth.

Gopuff, an online delivery provider, brought us in because they had outgrown their pieced together IT system that required staff to perform manual tracking and updates, and needed more integrated and automated systems. One of the most important goals for Gopuff was to get to a live system quickly. We implemented the entire Oracle Cloud system for them within six months. Our work made it possible for Gopuff to automate internal processes, eliminating the need to hire more employees while improving financial visibility and reporting.

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Background image: Case Study Res Med Section 2022
Case Study / ResMed

Case Study / ResMed: Improved Forecasting and Efficiency, Save Money and Time

  • Adopted forecasting by SKU and country, resulting in a drop from 30 forecasting points to 2

  • 95% forecasting accuracy across 25,000 product locations

  • Full SCM Suite with intuitive interfaces, instead of siloed solutions for SCM, ERP, and forecasting

How We Helped ResMed Improve Forecasting to 95% Accuracy with Oracle Cloud

Kalypso was brought in by ResMed to optimize its global supply chain for cost, customer service, and consistency.

After decades of updates and consistency problems between systems, Kalypso helped ResMed move to an all-encompassing Oracle Cloud system. The shift from on-prem to a cloud solution standardized demand planning across all business units, making the system comprehensive and unified by adding additional cloud apps for global order management, supply planning, sales and operations planning, and collaboration.

Our work made it possible for ResMed to more accurately forecast production needs which resulted in reduced wait times and improved warehouse management. ResMed was selected by Oracle to take part in the Constraint Planning Early Adopter Program.

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Background image: Case Study Oracle Donut Chain Banner 2022
Case Study / CPG Use Case

Case Study / CPG Use Case: Streamlining Business Operations and Forecasting

  • Improved forecast accuracy

  • Reduced raw material, waste, and expedited shipping

  • Centralized planning so each store followed the same processes, avoiding patchwork systems and manual processes

  • Increased ability to scale with growth

How We Helped a Global Donut and Coffee House Chain Save Time and Money with Oracle Cloud

Kalypso was brought in to streamline business processes and improve supply forecasting across their stores nationwide. We implemented Oracle Demand Management, Supply Planning, Replenishment Planning and S&OP Cloud, re-engineered the business processes, created a system-wide sales forecast incorporating key demand signals across the organization. Our work made it possible for them to lower costs, improve forecasts, streamline processes, and improve customer service levels.

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