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Experience true closed-loop product management with smart connected products

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Smart connected products are physical products that contain smart components (i.e. sensors) and connectivity components (i.e. antennae). They allow data to be exchanged and analyzed, which unlocks new value for manufacturers and end users.

Unlock Business Value Through Smart Connected Products

Leveraging the power of smart connected products expands opportunities for new product functionality, far greater reliability, reduced downtime, higher product utilization and new revenue streams by monetizing product information.

With smart connected products you can:

  • Create new use cases, value chains and business models
  • Connect disparate devices and applications to enable access to multiple data sources
  • Develop new products with a digital twin, leveraging real-world product data during design
  • Build Augmented Reality (A/R) experiences quickly and easily
  • Analyze complex device data for real-time insights, predictions and recommendations
  • Manage the performance of smart connected devices, processes and systems
  • Service equipment remotely, speeding up resolution time and eliminating the costly maintenance visits
  • Monetize manage and measure information as an asset

Smart Connected Products Use Case

How To Build Your Smart Connected Products Capability

Implementing a smart, connected products strategy requires a comprehensive, integrated yet practical approach, combining new technology, skills and capabilities supported by effective organizational change management. It also requires building vendor relationships and a digital ecosystem to provide connectivity, managed services and embedded hardware or software.

Whether you're just starting to connect products and collect data or leveraging predictive and prescriptive analytics to optimize product performance, Kalypso can help you advance your smart connected products capability.

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Our Smart Connected Products Offerings

Kalypso's smart connected products offerings span the value chain and include:

Current-State Capability Assessment and Diagnostic

Leverage a comprehensive approach that considers people, process and technology to understand true current state and energize the organization around a new vision and capabilities.

Strategy and Roadmap Development

Create a "north star" business objective, set clear maturity targets, build scorecards, form a guiding coalition and plan the appropriate steps to achieve the end goal

Architecture Design and IoT Platform Evaluation

Design and build a scalable and secure architecture. Evaluate technology options including hardware and all leading software providers (PTC, Microsoft, AWS, etc.)

Product Development with a Digital Twin

Design and develop the technologies and processes required to leverage real-world product data in the product development process

Remote Service for Smart Connected Products

Design, develop and deploy the technology to control products and troubleshoot issues remotely, reducing the number of physical maintenance & repair visits

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Strategy and Implementation

Leverage product and customer use data to understand when products will fail, how they're utilized, consider team organization and incentives, and use data to enable new business models

Monetize Data

Complete market research activities and develop a commercialization strategy for access to your smart connected products data

Smart Connected Products Technology Ecosystem Expertise

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