Accelerate your transition to a more connected, autonomous enterprise

Determine priorities, align executive support, secure funds and resources and outline the immediate steps to deliver on the promise of your digital thread.

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To thrive through rapid and recurring change companies must become more nimble, proactive and aligned in how they discover, create, make and sell new products.

Resilience and proactivity can only be achieved through digital transformation that empowers every level in the organization to make sound, data-driven decisions fast, resulting in a truly connected enterprise.

Evolving towards a connected enterprise means organizations must prioritize building a strong operating model and technical foundation that unites and integrates information technology (IT) and operating technology (OT) across the digital thread.


Top-line growth

  • Up to 30% increase in factory output
  • Up to 33% decrease in time to market

Operational excellence

  • Up to 12% reduction in operation costs
  • Up to 50% increase in OEE
  • Up to 90% improvement in right-first time quality
  • Up to 50% reduction in unplanned downtime

We help organizations transition from creating incremental benefit to driving transformational change with their digital thread initiatives

Digital transformation often starts when an industry must react to new forces and disruptors impacting the marketplace. Successfully adapting to change through transformation can be the difference between companies that thrive and those that don’t.

The journey can be counterproductive if embarked upon incorrectly. Lack of a comprehensive vision can result in the loss of executive support if early initiatives fail. Starting with siloed implementation, instead of a unified approach, results in a fragmented digital thread that does not meet the needs of the organization as a whole.

We create alignment and collective understanding to help maximize the path to value and overcome common pitfalls that slow change and realization of business results.

Businesses move twice as fast on their digital transformation journey once the staff and management collectively understand the importance of their digital path ahead.

— Gartner, Speed Up Your Digital Business Transformation, Gartner Executive Guidance Q1 2019 Edition


  1. Individual charters and differing opinions on transformation priorities
  2. Disjointed initiatives competing for scarce resources
  3. Point solutions with narrow applications


  1. A cohesive vision grounded in business priorities that aligns executives and change agents across the organization
  2. An overarching value case and roadmap that contextualizes priorities and accelerates path to value
  3. A scalable platform for change, including IT / OT architecture, organizational structure and partner network
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How we accelerate the transition to a more connected, autonomous digital enterprise

Our unique blend of strategists, industry experts, technologists and organizational change specialists allow us to serve as an end-to-end partner for your digital transformation journey, from strategy development through implementation and sustainment.

Our digital thread strategy services are tailored to serve functions across the value chain


Comprehensive evaluation across the entire value chain, from product to plant to the end user

  • Digital Strategy and Innovation Vision
  • Optimization Recommendations & Initiatives Definition
  • Business Justification
  • Roadmap


Domain-specific assessments


Digital thread technology strategy and evaluation

  • Technology & Data Science Strategy
  • Solution Architecting
  • Data Architecting
  • Technology Evaluation

Technology Partners

We believe in an open architecture, driven by desired business outcomes and defined through IT/OT collaboration. Our partner ecosystem has a comprehensive set of capabilities for your digital journey, including 500+ licensed products spanning hardware, software and services.

Accelerate and scale your digital transformation program.

Digital transformation strategy starts with business value. We partner with you on a strategic digital transformation plan that addresses priority use cases, business justification, change management and an execution roadmap for technology implementation and support.

Real Results

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Case Study / $40B Protein CPG Company

Case Study / $40B Protein CPG Company: Transforming Manufacturing Capabilities with Digital

  • Defined and prioritized 35+ digital use case opportunities

  • Assessed Industry 4.0 digital manufacturing maturity

  • Developed a blueprint for the future roadmap for brownfield and greenfield sites

  • Identified priority use case to deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

A $40B+ protein CPG leader wanted to gain $1B in productivity gains over the course of 2 years by transforming their manufacturing capabilities with digital.

Kalypso conducted 3 plant tours and 30+ interviews to gain insights into the operations of the business and identify areas of improvement based on industry 4.0 standards.

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Case Study / $17B Pulp & Paper Company

Case Study / $17B Pulp & Paper Company: Transforming Maintenance to Improve OEE

  • Defined future state maturity targets across 32 dimensions spanning strategy, people, process, data & technology

  • Prioritized and developed a value case & roadmap for ~10 opportunities

  • Documented $40+M in estimated savings opportunities related to downtime

A $17B pulp & paper company was looking to improve OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) by transforming their maintenance capability.

Kalypso partnered with client SMEs and cross-industry visionaries to develop a future state vision, maturity model and roadmap.

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Case Study / EV Manufacturer

Case Study / EV Manufacturer: Streamlining EV Manufacturing to Meet Aggressive Delivery Goals

  • Identification of over 75 issues from business process definition work

  • Improved cross-functional communication, integration and efficiency across the client organization, enabling speed to market

  • Improved product quality planning during pilot activities

A new EV OEM (original equipment manufacturer) was under pressure to meet aggressive delivery commitments made to investors.

To meet these requirements, they developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) production process for a new vehicle, including a novel manufacturing process. The simultaneous development of the product, the manufacturing process, business processes and enterprise systems required close coordination. To address these challenges Kalypso formed a SWAT team of industry SMEs to assist a new EV OEM in developing the new vehicle, creating 32 critical business processes and a blueprint of processes, standards and capabilities necessary for factory functionality.

Thought Leaders