Transform the way you think about product development with Onshape

Onshape is a disruptive technology redefining how companies develop products

By combining CAD, built-in data management, real-time collaboration tools, and business analytics in a file-less platform Onshape delivers:

  • Radically accelerated time to market and improved quality through instant, cross-geography, cross-functional collaboration
  • Dramatically reduced risk through virtual simulation and validation of products and entire production lines
  • Low cost of ownership by eliminating specialized equipment and complicated licensing and the associated costs

The potential impact of Onshape is hard to overstate. Harnessing that potential requires a balance of product design strategy, data management and implementation expertise, which is why Kalypso is uniquely positioned to help.

Our work goes beyond implementation, integration and data migration to capture the most value out of Onshape and extend it across the value chain.

Digital product development capabilities have taken a leap forward with Onshape

Traditional product development tools are file-based and enabled by specialized equipment, dependent on costly upgrades and IT support. This inherently limits accessibility, creating functional silos that in turn generate communication and collaboration challenges. Data stored in files means conflicts in versioning and a disconnect between a rendered product and the data that makes up that product.

The future of product development is powered by the digital thread – a seamless flow of data that connects business processes across the value chain to deliver top-line growth, improve operational excellence and enable risk mitigation.

Onshape is a core fiber in the digital thread, carrying rich product and simulation data to supercharge accessibility and collaboration.

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Key Capabilities

Design Exploration

Parallel branching and merging means it’s possible to explore, test and track more design variations as a team resulting more innovative products

Real-time Virtual Collaboration

Including parties outside of design and engineering, means design impacts that might otherwise cause delays in production or time to market can be quickly addressed.

Supplier Collaboration

Accessibility and comprehensive security via cloud-based, and centralized data management means barriers to supplier collaboration are eliminated

Advanced Analytics

A fully integrated Onshape platform means accessibility to complete, up-to-date data and analytics so managers can make more intelligent business decisions

Simulation / Emulation

A fully integrated Onshape platform means easier exchange of data with simulation/ emulation software, including integration with cloud-based solutions

Understanding how to approach Onshape

While you can license and use Onshape in the cloud today, capturing its full potential requires an understanding of where to start and how to take advantage of these new capabilities to bring your product creation process into a new paradigm.

Helping companies harness the power of the digital thread and capture value from emerging technologies is what Kalypso does. Here is how we can get started:

Simulation and Emulation

Use Onshape on your new products to enable Digital Twin / Digital Factory planned around your strategic priorities and built to scale from the start

Machine Learning and Analytics

Machine Learning and AI-powered Analytics pilots to help build the case for change

Business Case Development

Data-driven Business and Value case development, to ensure early successes are tracked, communicated and prepared to scale

Organizational Change Management

Organization Change Management and Communication strategies to prepare your teams to think differently about product development

Cloud-to-Cloud and Cloud-to-OnPrem integrations

Integration Services for all leaders in Gartner's Magic Quadrant Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service

Data Enrichment and Implementation

Strategies for maximizing the integration of your existing data and ensuring optimal down-stream data sharing

Evolve Your Product Development for the Future

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