Improve product quality, operational efficiency and worker safety with machine vision

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We help manufacturers augment equipment and systems with machine vision and analytics to achieve faster throughput with greater quality.

The manufacturing sector grapples with reduced labor availability, transformative technological advancements and an unrelenting demand for enhanced precision, speed and quality, presenting a mix of both challenges and opportunities.

Machine vision offers rapid, precise imaging and analysis, streamlining inspections, enhancing data acquisition and boosting quality through superior accuracy and real-time processing capabilities.

Real Results

  • Global tire manufacturer reduced inspection times from 6 to 1 minute
  • Global industrial manufacturer improved inspection accuracies from 60% to 95%
  • A tire manufacturer reduced out-of-tolerance quality events by 35% on best performing assembly stations run by best operators
  • A tire manufacturer reduced start-up time from 5 to 1 minute and improved uniformity of tire treads by 50%

Unlock the Value of Machine Vision for Your Business

Machine Vision systems act as the eyes of the manufacturing process using a variety of imaging hardware and sensing strategies to sense specific product and process characteristics. Applying AI introduces neural network models that can detect defects with greater accuracy and reliability than manual inspection methods or traditional vision capabilities. Leveraging advanced sensory feedback from machine vision and process data enables advanced control strategies that can help minimize and prevent defects.

This delivers improved yields and superior levels of product quality for manufacturers in CPG, Food & Beverage, Auto & Tire and Med Device.

Improve Quality Control

  • Detect quality defects in products and packaging, both inline and for final inspection (Color deviations, surface imperfections, fill level discrepancies, seal integrity, labeling errors)
  • Measure and control dimensions of products, packaging, labels (Length, width, height, area, volume, angles, diameters, growth, texture, edges, corners, etc.)
  • Recognize and verify optical characters on packaging and labels (Barcodes, labels, QR codes, serial numbers, languages, positions, etc.)

Increase Operational Efficiency

  • Balance and optimize lines to reduce cycle time and improve overall efficiency (Identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies to make necessary process adjustments or line balancing)
  • Use vision-guided robotic guidance to maximize productivity (Efficiently navigate AGVs/AMRs and performing prioritized tasks considering constraints)
  • Inspect packaging to verify quality, integrity and conformity and ensure presence, accuracy and placement (Detect misalignment, damage or missing labels)

Improve Worker Safety

  • Detect safety hazards to ensure a safe environment with automated hazard detection (Detect spills, leaks, fire & smoke, equipment malfunctions, obstructions, blocked pathways)
  • Minimize personnel risks by ensuring personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance (Check helmets, safety goggles, gloves, protective clothing, safety vest, hearing protection, etc.)
  • Maintain machine guarding compliance to prevent unauthorized access and protect workers (Monitor for intrusion detection, maintain the integrity of safety barriers such as light curtains, ensure correct guard position)

How We Help Companies Harness Machine Vision

Our machine vision systems are designed for performance and reliability in industrial environments.

Cameras & Sensors

Detect product or process features that standard sensors can't observe or would require manual inspection using 1D/2D/3D camera sensors and neural networks.

Al Defect Detection

Deep learning models detect quality imperfections

Autonomous Control

Feedback to PLCs for root-cause analysis and corrective actions to minimize defects in production

Machine Vision Case Studies

Our Approach


  • Propose & plan
  • Confirm business value
  • Set expectations
  • Determine benchmark metrics


  • Design, develop, deploy
  • Data gathering & validation
  • Model development
  • Application deployment


  • Commissioning
  • KPI configuration
  • Training
  • Performance validation


  • Knowledge transfer
  • Performance metrics
  • Ongoing support

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Technology Partners

We develop and deploy production-ready systems that work seamlessly with advanced control strategies to achieve superior and previously unattainable product quality.

Our team brings decades of practical experience and a unique combination of data science, process engineering and management consulting expertise. Pairing Rockwell Automation’s PLC technology with market leading machine vision hardware and software, we deliver machine vision value quickly to the plant floor, and design for scale across the enterprise.

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