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We deliver digital transformation across the value chain

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As a business term, digital transformation is overused and misunderstood.

Here's how we define it.

At Kalypso we focus on the digital transformation of the value chain, from product to plant to end user. This means leveraging digital technologies and capabilities to fundamentally change the way companies discover, create, make and sell new products.

Digital transformation can accelerate business growth, maximize productivity and optimize operations. The most successful digital transformation initiatives result in better products that can improve people’s lives and expand human possibility.

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Accelerate Digital Transformation with the Digital Thread

The foundation of digital transformation is a connected enterprise which unites and integrates information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). The result is a digital thread of information that spans the entire value chain – a seamless flow of data that delivers top-line growth, improves operational excellence and enables risk mitigation.

Companies can accelerate digital transformation with the digital thread.

Deliver top-line growth

Up to 30% increase in factory output

Up to 33% decrease in time to market

Improve operational excellence

Up to 12% reduction in operational costs

Up to 50% increase in OEE

Enable risk mitigation

Up to 90% improvement in right-first time quality

Up to 50% reduction unplanned downtime

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How We Deliver Digital Transformation with the Digital Thread