We bring digital solutions to product problems.

We do that two ways.

K What We Do 1

Weave a digital thread throughout your company, so information and data flow freely – from ideation to product development through manufacturing and supply chain.

K What We Do 2

Enable the shift from industrial automation to autonomy. We apply AI and machine learning to systems so they can operate independently and self-improve continuously. People are pivotal to successful operations, and technology enables their focus on highest-value work.

Our consultants begin every engagement with the outcome in mind – accelerate time to market, increase plant yield, reduce waste, improve quality, or increase profitability. From there, we apply deep industry expertise to question assumptions, break down problems, and test ideas before recommending solutions.

We’ve never been, nor wanted to be, a typical firm.

After years with big consulting firms, we built Kalypso to deliver a new kind of client experience — one built on:

Radical candor and 100% transparency

Founded on a set of deeply held values, we put the client relationship first and tell it like it is.

A value-first, lean startup approach

Modular approach that delivers results as soon as 8-12 weeks. You need to show business impact immediately, so we roll up our sleeves and get to MVP quickly.

IT + OT expertise

As part of Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest industrial automation company, we understand complex business (IT) and production (OT) landscapes and unite their disparate data to provide insights from the shop floor to the top floor.

How We Deliver