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Optimize production capacity and utilization going beyond traditional OEE.

Factories exist to make products, with the goal to balance the use of materials, labor and manufacturing assets to be as effective and efficient as possible. Many factories, however, still only operate at only 40-60% factory capacity, and despite abundant data, lack visibility into actionable insights.

Over-reliance on basic production data and key performance indicators (KPIs) creates an incomplete picture of performance, limits transparency across sites and results in inefficiencies and lost production time.

Our solutions accelerate digital transformation across operations by managing and creating context to transform factory performance. We use data science, tailored IoT solutions and analytics to improve productivity and build resilience for sustainable operations.

Real Results

  • 5-10% volume increase, driving revenue
  • 5-20% reduction in hours for lower operating costs
  • 20-30% asset utilization improvement, minimizing unplanned downtime
  • 5-10% quality improvement, reducing costs
  • 1-20% improvement in changeover times for increased flexibility
  • 5-60% enhanced workforce productivity for reduced wait times

Go Beyond Basic Monitoring with Performance Production Improvement (PPI)

We bring a blend of expertise in engineering, digital innovation, OT/IT and industrial data science to unlock the full potential of manufacturing data.

Adhering to proven lean manufacturing principles, we uncover hidden operational issues to address the root causes of downtime and inefficiency. We bridge operational technology (OT) with information technology (IT) to drive continuous improvement processes that yield actionable insights and increase the return on existing automation capabilities.

Our PPI approach is committed to optimizing asset performance, reducing production risk, delivering against sustainable goals and empowering workers through real-time insights - capturing the value of a returned hour to production. We do this by leveraging our expertise in manufacturing and control technologies, skills in data management, integration and contextualization and application of analytics and industrial data science capabilities to drive real value.

Many factories operate to only 40-60% of their full potential,
PPI delivers:

  • Improved production capacity utilization
  • Achieved energy management & sustainability goals
  • Improved worker safety
  • Reduced production risk
  • Monetized investments from digital manufacturing technologies and data

Our deep understanding of the factory, control systems and flow of data within the factory accelerates analysis and opportunity identification, returning lost hours to production.

To capture the untapped value of operational data, we begin with a thorough assessment to identify data underutilization and loss sources. We leverage data from industrial automation technology, factory systems and operator entry, contextualizing the plant floor data with enterprise data sources, and applying machine learning, artificial intelligence and other data science techniques to enhance continuous improvement throughout operations.

Using solutions like PTC’s Digital Performance Management (DPM), Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk DataMosaix or other industrial data platforms we deliver powerful capabilities to realize the value of improvements.

Our team of digital consultants, industrial and process engineers and data scientists defines, configures, implements and monitors tailored solutions that yield transformational results.

Understand Hidden Production Issues

Rapidly identify the highest impact performance issues that demand improvement. Increase throughput and improve OEE and other mission critical performance metrics.

Identify Root Causes of Production Inefficiencies

Find, analyze and visualize production time losses. Identify root causes and prioritize for analysis and action by Continuous Improvement (CI) teams.

Communicate Action Plans for Improvement

Document analyses and potential remedies using advanced analytics. Connect manual and automated data, create insights, define actions and track results of CI initiatives.

Create Investment Accountability

Measure results using real-time production data to ensure actions deliver desired outcomes – financially measurable operations improvements that improve production performance.

Moving Beyond OEE: Integrating Executive Reporting and Continuous Improvement

Production Performance Improvement is instrumental in establishing a solid data foundation for advanced capabilities such as predictive maintenance. By focusing on enhancing production performance, organizations can pave the way for the seamless integration and progression to closed-loop strategies, leading to improved asset reliability and significant cost savings.

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Division Financial

  • Gross / Operating Revenue
  • Operating Margin
  • RONA
  • Growth Rate
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Production Line

  • Sources of Time Loss
  • Run Time
  • Scrap Rate / FPY
  • Changeover
  • Unplanned DT
  • Planned DT
  • Speed Loss / Micro-stops
  • Waiting Labor
  • Waiting Material
  • Tooling / PM
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Factory Summary

  • Availability
  • EH&S Compliance
  • WAGES Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Material ATP
  • Quality
  • Demand Forecast
  • On-time Orders

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Case Study / Global Technology, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Supplier

Case Study / Global Technology, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Supplier: Human-Centered Decision Enablement at Global CDMO

  • Within 16 weeks, the first optimized line doubled the average OEE and Quality metrics

  • Providing an additional $5 million in quarterly revenue

  • Subsequent lines are now optimized in 6 weeks, accelerating time to value

Global CDMO achieves operational efficiency and revenue growth through human-centered decision enablement

A leading global CDMO combined automation and human expertise to optimize their production processes and achieve real-time operational improvements. Partnering with Kalypso and Rockwell Automation helped double their average OEE and quality metrics within just 16 weeks, and resulted in an additional $5 million in quarterly revenue. This case study showcases the power of human-centered decision enablement in driving operational efficiency and maintaining high-quality standards in complex production environments.

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