Kalypso was born out of a rebellion.

Tired of overhyped, under-performing promises of typical consulting firms, our founders started Kalypso to radically alter the consulting landscape and deliver a new kind of client experience. One that’s built on radical candor, lean startup delivery approach and comprehensive capabilities.

Since day one, our imperative has been to help clients innovate and make better products that deliver business results. We’ve expanded our services ever since to not only include strategy and IT implementations but also data science, bleeding-edge tech, intelligent devices and manufacturing floor expertise to meet our clients' evolving needs.

In the last decade, digital technologies disrupted what it means to innovate and became core to staying competitive in the market. Digital enables us to reinvent how products come to life in ways that help business and improve humanity. It has huge potential to solve big challenges and make the world work better.

At Kalypso, we’re on a mission to deliver on the promise of digital.

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We’ve never been, nor wanted to be, a typical firm.

After years with big consulting firms, we built Kalypso to deliver a new kind of client experience — one built on:

Radical candor and 100% transparency

Founded on a set of deeply held values, we put the client relationship first and tell it like it is.

A value-first, lean startup approach

Modular approach that delivers results as soon as 8-12 weeks. You need to show business impact immediately, so we roll up our sleeves and get to MVP quickly.

IT + OT expertise

As part of Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest industrial automation company, we understand complex business (IT) and production (OT) landscapes and unite their disparate data to provide insights from the shop floor to the top floor.

Our core values govern how we work with our clients and manage our firm.

We act as the leaders behind the leaders.

We invest in the long-term success of our individual clients, not only the companies they work for. We celebrate client promotions and view them as a measure of our value. As trusted advisors, the spotlight is reserved for clients, not Kalypso.

We believe in the power of creativity, diversity and innovation to change the world.

We believe innovation combined with action can change the world. We value different ways of thinking and problem solving, and expect lively debate and dissent from all levels. The diversity of our teams bring fresh perspective and insight to our work.

We have passion for personal development.

We do not tolerate intellectual sloth or stagnation; at Kalypso, continuous learning is required. It’s our passion to uncover, understand and invent new approaches to addressing our clients’ challenges. We believe in the development of the whole person, not just the business side.

We are committed to our business partners.

We treat our business partners as if they were our clients and value our alliances with them. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure mutual success - without keeping score - and expect the same in return from the people we choose to do business with.

We deliver with professionalism, integrity and quality.

We believe serving clients is a privilege and accept the responsibility to do it well. We demand unquestioned integrity and veracity from all of our people in all situations. Kalypsonians consistently demonstrate superior performance while balancing creativity and passion with professionalism and pragmatism.

We are a team of characters with character.

Interesting people are more fun to work with - period. We build lifelong relationships with our colleagues and foster a healthy lack of respect for hierarchy and positional authority. We are passionate about what we do and know how to have fun - both on and off the clock.

Our global team of characters with character bring their diverse talents to solve the most difficult problems with digital.

We are innovators, strategists, data scientists and technologists. Product people, with plant-floor expertise.

We hail from different backgrounds with different ideas and different ways of looking at the world.

We are Kalypsonians.

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