Digital solutions to product problems in the industrial and high tech sectors

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We help industrial and high-tech companies navigate global challenges with digital solutions.

Industrial and high-tech companies are at the heart of market innovation and global advancements. Their products empower others to create and produce better goods with less effort, cost, waste. But, their ability to drive transformation at rapid rates is impacted by a myriad of challenges.

Aging workforce, skilled labor shortages, complex supply chain dynamics and global emphasis for more sustainable operations are increasing the urgency for harmonizing diverse ways of working and fragmented systems.

To successfully navigate this complex landscape, fulfill evolving customer demands and grow market share, companies are investing at greater rates in digital technologies and hyper-automation.


  • Higher overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Longer equipment run time
  • Better product adoption rates
  • Lower production costs
  • Faster product development cycles
  • Greater market share
  • Better quality and accuracy
  • Greater development pipeline throughput

Our Clients in Industrial and High Tech

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Industrial High Tech Industry Expertise

We work with industrial high-tech companies throughout the entire product lifecycle — from ideation and product development to manufacturing and end-of-life. We help our clients increase connectivity throughout the value chain and integrate data to generate intelligent insights and enable autonomous operations that deliver better products and solutions.

As industry practitioners, our work is hands-on and based on experience. We serve as strategic partners to a diverse range of industrial and high-tech clients, streamlining their path through challenging market dynamics to deliver quality product to market with fewer cycles and less risk.

Thought Leaders

Thomas Mitchell 2013
Principal & Global Practice Leader, Industrial and High Tech
Jordan Reynolds 2018
Jordan Reynolds