Industrial High Tech

We help industrial high tech companies innovate the products that power their customers' innovation.

The impact industrial high tech companies have on the market - and the world - is staggering. Their products power the innovations that their customers bring to market today. This means that it is only getting harder to make the products customers demand - and the risk of failure is even greater. Products require more complexity, market conditions demand shorter development cycles and zero quality defects are the expectation, not the exception. This evolving landscape, layered with competitive pressure and industry consolidation, is driving industrial high tech companies to make investments in technology and business processes for new ways to capture more of the value chain.

Our Clients

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Our industrial clients are in process manufacturing, including chemicals and other raw materials; discrete manufacturing, including engineered parts, components and subassemblies; and natural resources, including mining, oil and gas.

Green Glow Semi

High Tech

We work with high tech clients in semiconductor, including integrated circuit suppliers; and electronics, including electronic devices and all services or machinery for electronics.

Business Impact

  • Faster product development cycles
  • Increased development pipeline throughput
  • Decreased production costs
  • Reduced risk through regulatory compliance
  • Improved quality and accuracy
  • Improved product adoption rates
  • Increased market share
  • Top-line revenue growth from new products
  • Reduced new product development (NPD) costs
  • Improved R&D and innovation ROI


We work with our industrial high tech clients throughout the product development lifecycle - from commercial and engineering to manufacturing and end-of-life - to enable a digital enterprise with integrated data that delivers innovative products and solutions.

As industry practitioners, our work is hands-on and our knowledge is based in experience. We serve a diverse industrial high tech client base as trusted, strategic partners. Our approach is focused on helping you navigate demanding market requirements and achieve faster time to market with high quality.

We do this by combining our industry expertise with leading practices in:

Focus Areas

Smart Connected Operations

Leverage emerging technologies to increase digitization of manufacturing and enable smarter, faster business decisions.

Advanced Analytics

Apply technologies including machine learning to harvest insights from data to make better innovation, design, development and sourcing decisions.

Transformative Growth

Build the capabilities to discover, incubate and scale new, disruptive businesses that deliver transformative growth.

Regulatory Compliance

Strategic Roadmapping