Optimize the product lifecycle and enable digital transformation with PLM

We work with clients to build the critical infrastructure for the digital transformation of the end-to-end product lifecycle.

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Over the last 25 years PLM has evolved from engineering-focused document management and product data management to more strategic quality management and innovation management capabilities. Digital pushes the scope even further: because PLM manages critical product data throughout the product lifecycle and across the supply chain, PLM now provides a critical infrastructure for the digital transformation of the end-to-end product development lifecycle.

Meanwhile, the pressure to speed cycle time, cut costs, eliminate complexity, improve quality and reduce compliance risk has never been greater. Tackling this strategic, mission-critical PLM of today requires a comprehensive, integrated approach that combines business value, technology and organizational change.

How We Help Clients Optimize PLM in a Digital World

Regardless of existing processes, technical maturity or business objectives, we facilitate, guide and support you through all of phases of the PLM implementation process to accelerate the value of your investment.

As an objective provider of end-to-end PLM advisory, implementation and support services we combine deep experience in strategy, process improvement, technology and organizational effectiveness with expertise in PLM platform deployments for all of the leading PLM software solutions - cloud and on-premises.

Our proprietary, industry-specific PLM capabilities frameworks define the scope of PLM capabilities based on industry needs and provide the basis for a PLM maturity assessment, strategic plan and implementation roadmap.

We are at the forefront of helping industries shape the understanding and implementation of PLM in a digital world. Our expertise has been recognized by analysts, technology providers, universities and other key industry players. We have in-depth knowledge, hands-on experience and established relationships across the entire PLM technology ecosystem.

Key PLM Services

  • PLM Strategy & Roadmap Development
  • PLM Strategic Value & Capabilities Assessment
  • PLM Process Design & Reengineering
  • PLM Installations, Upgrades, Extensions & Integrations
  • PLM System Architecture, Design, Development & Configuration
  • PLM Data Migration/Intelligent Data Migration, Testing, Validation & Deployment
  • PLM User Adoption, Organizational Leadership & Change Management
  • PLM Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning & Product Lifecycle Intelligence
  • PLM Application Management, Support & Hosting

Rapid ROI PLM Implementation Approaches

Our proprietary PLM implementation approaches are based on industry-leading practices and designed to provide rapid time to value.

PLM + Digital

When linked with new technologies, PLM can become the digital thread of your product value chain and provide intelligent insights to drive your business forward.

Intelligent Data Migration

Apply data science, machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA) to dramatically increase value over time, cost and risk

PLM Managed Services, Application Support & Hosting

We provide a full range of application and system support services with a focus on long-term maintenance via our Innovation Centers.

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