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Increase reliability, performance and uptime of heavy industry assets

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Machinery and heavy industry assets are the powerhouses of productivity and performance for their operations. We rely on them to produce our energy, our fuel and even the materials that build our cities. But, when they falter, the results can range from severe to catastrophic.

In the last 50 years, industries have made attempts to address asset uptime and performance but maintenance today is still predominantly at a reactive or preventative level of maturity. And, unplanned downtime can cost heavy industry 5 to 20% of their productive capacity.

We help companies increase reliability of physical assets and reduce downtime by leveraging industrial artificial intelligence (AI), data science and predictive maintenance.

Asset Performance Management Benefits

Asset performance management pairs industrial AI with predictive maintenance strategies to deliver real-time insights on asset performance and predict health issues before they arise. In an asset-intensive enterprise, asset performance management can profoundly improve asset performance, minimize risk and reduce total life cycle costs.

30+% increase in asset utilization

25-30% decrease in downtime events

15-30% reduction in maintenance costs

40-50% increase in labor productivity

How We Help Companies with Asset Performance Management

We help clients enable predictive maintenance with industrial AI analytics with a proven three-phase approach.

Icon SCO Machine Health

Achieve Operational Value with Machine Health Monitoring

Enabling automated failure detection & notification helps enterprise react faster, plan & schedule maintenance better and ultimately improves machine health.

Icon SCO Machine Downtime

Enable Machine Learning to Prevent Downtime

Advanced, early warning and predictive models help reduce unplanned downtime.

Icon SCO Plant Integration

Integrate with Plant Systems

End-to-end automation provides increase in labor productivity and helps operate plant at optimal maintenance cost.

Asset Performance Management Case Studies

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