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We enable companies to discover, create, make and sell products sustainably, while meeting their environmental, social and corporate governance commitments and creating value for all stakeholders.

Sustainability and environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) are a top priority for the investor community and for brands across industries.

The financial, employee, consumer and innovation pressures and rewards are high. Companies are responding by making commitments, yet more than 55% are unable to measure, let alone meet, their corporate sustainability goals.

Our services align with these key sustainability and ESG goals

  • Climate action
  • Clean water
  • Clean, affordable energy
  • Good health and wellbeing
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Responsible consumption and production

Sustainability is often a natural byproduct of digital transformation

A focused strategy that encompasses digital technologies and capabilities across the value chain enables companies to meet and exceed market expectations while also achieving sustainability goals.

By leveraging a digital thread of information that spans the entire value chain to assess and improve the sustainability of product development and manufacturing processes, organizations are:

  • Poised to weather increasingly volatile supply chains, natural resource costs and consumer demands
  • Minimize the environmental impact and optimize the use of natural resources

Together we craft a strategy that combines the use of innovation practices and digital technologies to realize value for all stakeholders, paving the way to a thriving planet.

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Case Study / Melbourne Water

Model Predictive Control for Energy and Water Conservation

  • Conservation — 2 billion liters per year in water savings, exceeding the initial goal

  • Cost savings — ongoing cost savings, and reduced dependence on desalination

  • Compliance — 10% increase in environmental compliance

How We Helped Melbourne Water save billions of liters of water each year with Model Predictive Control

Kalypso and Rockwell Automation worked with Melbourne Water to help regulate water leaving the Thomson Reservoir with increased efficiency and precision.

While the water industry is relatively mature when it comes to automation and system optimization, quality, process variability, outages, and downtime are still persistent challenges.

The complexity of the network, paired with factors like lag time and multiple environmental variables made this system a perfect candidate for Model Predictive Control (MPC).

Our work made it possible to reliably save 2 billion liters of water annually, conserve energy, and reduce strain on the workforce while improving compliance.

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How We Help Drive Sustainability

Our services help clients build a comprehensive sustainability strategy across the value chain, implement it and impact the planet.

Product Sustainability Innovation

Product Sustainability Innovation

Discover, design, develop and manufacture better, more sustainable products that protect public health and the environment throughout their lifecycle while improving competitive advantage.

Connected Energy and Smart Facilities Management

Connected Energy & Smart Facilities Management

Industrial IoT (IIoT) platforms and advanced analytics to enable real-time monitoring, analysis and control of energy, water, air, gas and steam usage to unlock double digit improvements.

Energy Efficiency Demand Side Management

Energy Efficiency/Demand Side Management

Take advantage of Utility-funded Customer Electric and Gas Efficiency Program rebates and incentives to upgrade to LED lighting, install more efficient HVAC and/or more efficient drives/motors.

Demand Response Load Management

Demand Response/Load Management

Take advantage of utility compensation programs focused on peak shaving and emergency reduction in load.

Energy Sourcing and Supply Optimization

Energy Sourcing and Supply Optimization

Source energy via innovative, competitively priced supply contracts, customizing renewable mix, contract volume and length to meet operational profile and sustainability needs.

Distributed Energy Renewables Integration

Distributed Energy/Renewables Integration

Enable the distributed generation and battery storage revolution with data, predictive analytics and renewable dispatch management, asset strategies and configuration to reduce peak demand charges and enable carbon-neutrality.

Carbon Neutrality Emissions Reduction

Carbon Neutrality, Emissions Reduction

Achieve carbon neutral manufacturing and reduce costs by improving operational efficiency, switching to cleaner fuel sources, purchasing renewable energy and carbon credits to offset emissions.

EV Fleet Management

Electric Vehicle Fleet Management

Fully embrace the electric vehicle (EV) revolution and leverage energy-optimization services to forecast and manage charging of the vehicles during off-peak hours, while meeting the daily transportation requirements to drive the lowest cost of operation, and additional monetization through grid services or market participation.

Material Waste Reduction

Material Waste Reduction

Ensure prototypes, samples, materials for process tests and manufactured products waste as little material as possible across each stage of product and process development, manufacturing and distribution.

Plant Cogeneration Integration

Plant Cogeneration Integration

Leverage on-campus cogeneration systems to cut down on pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions, drive energy savings and increase reliability.

Sustainability Benefits Delivered with the Digital Thread

Sustainability and the Digital Thread

Achieve Your Sustainability Goals

With sustainability no longer a trend but a business imperative, are you ready to deliver on your organization’s goals? We can help guide you to a more sustainable future by assessing your current maturity, understanding your goals and providing you with a scalable and actionable strategy to drive business results.

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