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Speed time to value from digital transformation with organizational change strategy

We accelerate digital transformation by maximizing adoption and stakeholder support along the change journey.

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Protect your investment and accelerate the success of digital transformation.

The imperative to become more efficient in response to disruption and capture opportunities before the competition has created an arms race of new technology adoption and resulted in constant change.

Organizational resistance is an expected counter-response and a risk to be managed as part of any successful transformational strategy. For an overextended workforce in a highly competitive talent market, this resistance stacks atop a whole host of market forces that amplify risk. Proactively managing for organizational change can be the difference between a successful, stalled or failed transformation. When transformations stall or fail, companies are left behind the competition.

Why OCM?

  • Increase and accelerate adoption or new processes and technology
  • Decrease risk of failed or stalled transformation
  • 6x more likely to meet or exceed project goals*
  • 5x more likely to deliver on or ahead of schedule*
  • 2x more likely to deliver on or under budget*
  • Speed time to value

* Prosci 2020

“Research consistently shows that initiatives with excellent change management are six times more likely to meet objectives than those with poor change management.”

Prosci 2020

How We Help Accelerate Digital Transformation

Our human centered approach to organizational change management maintains and fosters a positive change culture fundamental to achieving transformational success.

In today’s digital world, an organizational change management strategy cannot be a one size fits all. Cultures and ways of working vary within an organization across departments, regions and functions.

Reasons for change and levels of change are unique to each stakeholder group.

Solutions, governance and communications must be agile and customized to accelerate change and drive digital transformations.

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  • Understand sentiment, needs, challenges and established culture
  • Identify stakeholders and influential end-users or team members
  • Build resistance management plans
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Activation and Adoption

  • Identify influential activities, channels and change agents
  • Develop and implement key messages and operating models
  • Track adoption metrics and report effectiveness
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  • Document change strategy and key learnings
  • Build a transferrable, scalable OCM capability

Carefully crafted organizational change management strategies will ensure a successful adoption and implementation of your initiative

Change Agent Strategy

  • Establish The Change Network
  • Identify and Coach Champions

Solution Design

  • Conduct Readiness Assessments and Workshops
  • Design and Deliver Journey Maps
  • Human Centered Design

Program Leadership

  • Align on Roles and Responsibilities
  • Develop Sustaining Governance Model


  • Develop Communications Plan
  • Design and Deliver Communications

Education & Training

  • Develop Training Plan
  • Design Curriculum Mapping
  • Create Training Materials

Value Realization

  • Assess Current State and Define Future State Strategy
  • Formulate Tracking Mechanisms
Human Centered Organizational Change Management
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Protect your investments in technology, ensure a successful adoption and implementation—partner with us today!

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