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Saluting innovation at Linx for empowering parents, coaches, and athletes to better monitor sports related head impacts. Head injuries and concussions are a growing concern within the sports community with an estimate of over 400 sports related concussions per hour in the United States, and over half of those going untreated. With a sister who plays college level sports, I understand the helplessness that family, coaches, and athletes feel after a head impact. There is little anyone can do except hope the impact wasn’t serious.

Linx wants to fix that and has created an Impact Assessment System that monitors and analyzes head impacts as they happen. The small, flexible, and waterproof sensor fits inside a headband or cap that can easily be worn underneath a helmet. It will then light up green, yellow, or red, to indicate the severity after an impact happens. The sensor also links to an app that can monitor over 100 players at once and notify family members remotely. What if the light turns red or you are notified of a red level impact? The app also provides sideline-testing guidelines to determine if an impact caused a concussion so the athlete can seek medical attention. We salute Linx for increasing sports safety and allowing families to breathe a little easier on the sidelines.

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