We provide merchandise, product lifecycle and innovation consulting services to the broadly defined retail industry which includes food and drug retailing, general merchandise retailing, apparel footwear and accessories retailing, apparel footwear and accessories manufacturing, hardlines retailing, automotive parts retailing, direct retailers, and food services. 

Our team understands the industry's most critical challenges, including:

Building world-class store brand/private label programs, brands and merchandise

Optimizing the end-to-end product development process – planning, design, development, sourcing and production

Meeting the ever-increasing requirements for regulatory, environmental and social compliance

Prioritizing, managing and executing investments in the rapidly evolving marketplace for product development-related technologies

Leveraging advanced analytics to drive significantly better decision making throughout the entire merchandise lifecycle

Pragmatically developing and applying innovation in retail to product development, the customer experience and to the underlying business model

Retail companies that thrive in today’s challenging consumer spending environment are those that create true differentiation through innovation. 

We help companies develop dramatically improved, scalable and sustainable capabilities throughout the merchandise and product development lifecycle in order to become more innovative and differentiated in the market. We do this by developing vision, strategy, justification and roadmaps, operationalizing these strategies into efficient processes and organizations, and enabling them through industry-leading technologies.

Industry Segments

  • Food & Drug
  • General Merchandise
  • Apparel, Footwear & Accessories
  • Hardlines
  • Automotive Parts
  • Direct Retailers
  • Food Services
Steve Riordan

Steve Riordan


George Young

George Young

Food Retail

Mick Broekhof

Mick Broekhof

Retail - Europe

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