We work with retail organizations to improve return on innovation investment and achieve measurable, sustainable results with industry-specific strategies.

We partner with companies to develop dramatically improved, scalable and sustainable capabilities throughout the merchandise and product development lifecycle in order to become more innovative and differentiated in the market. We do this by developing vision, strategy, justification and roadmaps, operationalizing these strategies into efficient processes and organizations, and enabling them through industry-leading technologies.

Industry Segments

  • Food & Drug
  • General Merchandise
  • Apparel, Footwear & Accessories
  • Hardlines
  • Automotive Parts
  • Direct Retailers
  • Food Services

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Article Retail Innovation: Adoption of Leading Product Development Practices in a Digital World

The rapidly evolving digital world will change retail product development more in the next 5 years than it has in the last 15. Retail, footwear and apparel product leaders must find ways to transform their end-to-end product development lifecycles…
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White Paper Retail Innovation Themes for 2017

In the retail industry, innovation happens every day. Our 2016 Annual Report reflects on trends and themes we expect to carry into 2017, while celebrating noteworthy examples of innovation from 2016. Read an excerpt from the 2016 Annual Report…
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Article 3D Adoption in Retail – Avoiding the Deployment Trap

There are many potential benefits for retailers who adopt 3D technology, but the temptation is high to focus on making a modest investment rather than on the transformational potential. Here are eight deployment traps you need to avoid.
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Article 7 Reasons Why IoT Matters to Retail, Apparel, and Footwear Product Leaders

It is becoming more and more important for retail, footwear and apparel product leaders to understand, interpret and act on IoT. It is OK to be skeptical, but is not OK to lack an informed opinion. Here are seven reasons product development…
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Article How to Succeed in Retail When Consumers Hold All the Power

Merchandise planning and product development teams must work together to ensure that the right product gets to the right channel at the right time.
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Article Closing the Product Innovation Loop with the Voice of the Customer

Despite years of trying, retail design and development leaders still create merchandise that never gets offered to a consumer, price it incorrectly and/or produce it in inappropriate quantities. Fortunately, Voice of Customer (VOC) programs have…
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Article Top Six Things Every Retail Executive Needs to Know About PLM Transformation

By paying attention to all six of these considerations, retailers are much more likely to maximize the value of their PLM transformation investments. 
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Video Driving Value with Digital Product Creation for Retail

The possibilities for gaining value from Digital Product Creation have exploded. This video provides examples of value created by 3D throughout the go to market process and across multiple functions.
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