Maximize and optimize how you discover, create, make and sell products with advanced analytics

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We help companies build foundational analytics capabilities while delivering immediate value on strategic use cases.

As consumer preferences continue to evolve, competitive pressures mount and supply chain disruptions persist, the urgency to optimize and fortify all aspects of the product lifecycle has never been greater.

Billions have been invested in analytics initiatives to date, but a majority of investments are narrowly directed towards sales and marketing initiatives.

Although use cases abound across the product lifecycle, long time horizons for ROI and skepticism towards AI are delaying investments and constraining leaders from capturing these opportunities.

We navigate these challenges by prioritizing high-impact use cases that deliver depth of value, quickly and visibly, helping product and operations leaders avoid the most common pitfalls of analytics programs.

Real Results

  • 70-90% accuracy in
    dropped style prediction
  • 1-2%+ top line gains
  • 3-9%+ better margins
  • 10-12%+ workforce productivity gains
  • 20% less rework & approval time
  • 2-3 months faster to market
  • 2-6% fewer returns
  • 40% lower maintenance costs
  • 30% less downtime
  • 30%+ better asset utilization

Keys to Successful Analytics Initiatives

Analytics Portfolio Management

Prioritize the right opportunities and make investments with multi-year paybacks that demonstrate clear value.

Insights for Human Consumption

Translate analytics approaches and insights into actionable business decisions to mitigate skepticism and distrust, and avoid “black box” programs.

Follow Through & Communication

Break the reliance on backwards-looking business intelligence over predictive and prescriptive AI by connecting the thread from great data to insights to outcomes.

Focus Areas in Advanced Analytics

Consumer Goods


  • Packaging Engineering
  • Trend Monitoring
  • Generative Design
  • Consumer Preference Testing


  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Specification Creation & Approval
  • Part Libraries & Taxonomy
  • Image & Text Analysis
  • Artwork & Label Management
  • Packaging Sustainability
  • Product Data Cleansing & Maintenance
  • Quality & Regulatory


  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Autonomous Control

Retail, Footwear & Apparel


  • Line Planning
  • Trend Monitoring
  • Generative Design
  • Consumer Preference Testing


  • Material Simulation
  • Vendor Allocation
  • BOM and Tech Pack Auto Completion


  • Workforce and Line Optimization
  • Inventory Optimization


  • Price Optimization
  • Real-time Consumer Feedback

Featured Case Studies

How We Help Companies Build Analytics Capabilities

Value-First Approach

Focus on priority use cases that add value within 8-12 weeks, then invest in scaling foundations for the future

Analytics Translators

Bridge the gap between business and data science by deploying analytics translators trained to see business problems through a data-science lens

Factory Model

Build a rapid, self-sustaining model by creating a backlog of analytics use cases and delivering new business value every 6-8 weeks

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