Increase value chain resiliency and consumer trust with supply chain management & manufacturing cloud

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We help companies optimize global value chain operations and mitigate disruptions with simpler and more agile supply chain planning in the cloud.

The consumer industry is a complex manufacturing and distribution network, where each decision and disruption reverberates across the value chain.

Consumer companies must balance continuous supply chain challenges, cost of inventory and production lines, and offsite vendor interactions. Meanwhile, consumer expectations drive demand for ever-increasing levels of detail about each product purchased, including arrival times, pricing, and varied configurations.

Our Digital Supply Chain solution uses analytics and machine learning to better manage production and inventories for the consumer industry.

Real Results

  • 80%+ increase in order commits, from initial commit to shipping
  • Integrated demand and supply planning with automated and configurable dashboards
  • Customer centric decisions with full economic impact visibility
  • Optimized customer service and labor metrics
  • Reduced raw material and finished goods waste
  • Improved service levels, by eliminating rush and expedited transportation
  • Optimized retail store labor planning
  • Reduced write-offs in packaging and unique ingredients

Benefits of Effective Supply Chain Management

We help clients stay resilient through disruption with improved planning and supply chain performance.

Inventory at the Right Place at the Right Time

Optimized “Cost to Serve” Ratio

Lower Costs & Elevated Customer Service Levels

How We Help Companies Address Critical Supply Chain Challenges

Digital Supply Chain Strategy

Responding to changes in today’s supply chain networks requires a unified data strategy that provides end-to-end visibility in real-time.

By integrating the supply chain and manufacturing network into the digital thread, we enable rapid creation of supply chain simulations and identify scenario plans that meet expected outcomes.

Staffing & Resource Shortages

Automation can help alleviate staff shortages, but not all functions can or should be automated.

We help centralize critical supply chain planning roles and automate many of the required plans generated from an integrated solution.

Speed of Innovation

As digital native startups enter the market and create buying habits through new channels through new channels, consumer companies need to accelerate their pace of innovation and speed to market.

The digital thread helps accelerate product lifecycle management and new product innovation processes enabling digital simulations that predict performance and financial outcomes.

Economic & Supply Chain Instability

As disruptions, shortages and instability of critical suppliers continue, supply chain solutions need to be rethought.

Our approach to digital value chain provides simulations and scenarios faster, providing more options and longer visibility for the end-to-end supply chain.

Dynamic Consumer Demands & Behaviors

Buying behaviors have shifted toward more personalized and digital experiences, and many organizations are struggling to keep up.

We help integrate data from manufacturing, consumer and innovations environments into a management system that predicts & prescribes supply chain actions to speed response times.

Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing Cloud Focus Areas

Supply Chain Resource Management

Centralize critical supply chain planning roles and automate many of the required plans generated from an integrated solution

Supply Chain Resilience

Access quicker simulations and scenarios to gain longer visibility for the end-to-end supply chain

Control Tower

Integrate converging data from historical silos into a management system that predicts & prescribes supply chain actions to respond to this new environment

Change Acceleration

Accelerate the Product Lifecycle Management and New Product Innovation process to simulate and predict business performance and financial outcomes

Simulation and Scenario Planning

Enable rapid creation of supply chain simulations and scenarios to meet expected outcomes


  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Demand Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Procurement
  • Order Management
  • Supplier Management


  • RCCP
  • MRP
  • Master Scheduling
  • EEO
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • Consensus Planning
  • Inventory Planning
  • Order Management

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