Power your digital strategy and maximize the value of your product data across the value chain

We help leading consumer goods companies integrate their foundational PLM infrastructure to power end-to-end digital transformation.

Companies face challenges from all sides – consumer purchasing habits and desires are changing more swiftly and frequently than ever, and business is grappling with supply chain disruption, emerging competition from abroad and start-ups at home.

To survive, organizations need to invest in the connected enterprise to react quickly and efficiently.

A strong PLM solution creates the critical foundation upon which connected data stands to unlock new value, innovation and power digital transformation.

These benefits can only be captured with the right strategy and approach.


PLM drives strategic, operational and financial benefits

  • Increased Gross Margins
  • Reduced Cycle Times
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Product Quality
  • Growth from New Products
  • Faster to Market
  • Better Operating Expense Productivity
  • Lower Cost of Goods
  • Lower Material Costs

Keys to Successful PLM Initiatives

Our services and expertise help clients accelerate their DPC programs at any stage of their maturity and are designed to help clients throughout their digital product creation journey.

Deliver Clear and Rapid Business Value

Take an iterative design approach that easily adapts to evolving business requirements and needs.

Establish feedback loops, with the end-user community and the business to increase responsiveness and your chances of success.

Build Solutions for the Future, Not the Past

Build a solution to enable new ways of working and power your overarching digital strategy.

Building systems to minimize change to legacy processes reinforces old, often dysfunctional patterns.

Follow Through and Communicate

Establish leadership and paths of communication, and highlight end-user benefits early and often, to maintain momentum and avoid low buy-in and stalled or failed implementations.

How We Help Companies Enable Product Lifecycle Management

Kalypso's approach to PLM implementations increases the ability and speed with which organizations extract real business value from the solution.

PLM Strategy & Roadmap Development

Strategic Value & Capabilities Assessment

Process Design & Reengineering

System Design, Development & Configuration

Data Migration, Testing & Validation

User Adoption, Organizational Leadership & Change Management

Installations, Upgrades, Extensions & Integrations

Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning & Product Lifecycle Intelligence

Application Management, Support & Hosting

Discover the Next Generation of PLM for CPG

Learn what Top Performers in the CPG industry are doing to deliver maximum value out of their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems and how to evolve PLM to support your digital transformation journey.

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