Unlock operational excellence and continuous improvement with Industry 4.0

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We help manufacturers connect people, systems, and machine data to power informed decisions and enable self-optimizing operations.

Global disruption has exacerbated challenges already faced by manufacturers of consumer goods, retail, footwear and apparel.

Consumer preferences drive mass-customization and small batch production, straining operations, while supply chain disruptions create an environment of continuous uncertainty. Record workforce turnover, skyrocketing labor costs and lack of skilled talent present manufacturers with additional challenges.

To succeed, manufacturers must address productivity gaps and preserve institutional knowledge to train new workers, while also creating work that is more meaningful and rewarding to retain talent.

It’s a complex set of a challenges that require a multi-faceted solution.

The answer lies in interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and decisions powered by real-time data — Industry 4.0.

Real Results

  • 3-5% increase in throughput
  • 30-50% reduction in machine downtime
  • 50% reduction changeover time
  • 25% improved OEE by adding hours of operation on existing machines

Benefits of Industry 4.0

We drive top- and bottom-line results for our manufacturing clients to help them stay resilient through disruption.

Leverage Data in Real-time for Immediate Performance Improvements

Know the Impact of Every Decision on Overall Profitability

Optimize How you Onboard & Train New Labor

Capture & Share Institutional Knowledge

Reduce Material Loss

Extend Equipment Lifespan

Improve Bottom Line Performance

Improve Yield

Improve OEE

Improve Quality

Improve Worker Safety

Accelerate Regulation & Compliance

How We Help Companies Deploy and Accelerate Industry 4.0

We simplify the process, offering a phased implementation approach that provides full end-to-end visibility.

Information Technology (IT) & Operational Technology (OT) Convergence

Organizational & Leadership Alignment

Opportunity Identification & Business Case Development

Enterprise Architecture & Technology Road Mapping

Results Focused Implementation Services

Change Management

Thought Leaders

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