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We help companies create an end-to-end solution and connected ecosystem to digitally create, manufacture and sell products.

Digital product creation (DPC) is transforming the industry, improving products and consumer experiences while speeding time-to-market and enabling critical shifts in business models to help brands gain market share.

While many companies have started their digital product creation journey with 3D design tools, the leaders acknowledge value across the product development lifecycle and the need to invest in other capabilities and technologies to build a true digitally enabled, end-to-end process.

The challenges are significant and include connecting 3D design assets and data to manufacturing and sales, integrating with product lifecycle management (PLM), and building team capabilities to support future needs.

Many product leaders have initiated proof of concepts only to run into obstacles and business challenges. When run properly with structure, governance, clear goals, and cross-functional alignment, proof of concepts are critical proof points to success and scaling.

Real Results

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Effortless collaboration
  • Improved sustainability
  • Increased profits, reduced costs and scrap
  • 60% sample reduction
  • 70% photo reduction
  • 3%+ sales gain
  • 9%+ margin boost

Our 2023 Digital Product Creation in Retail Research is Live

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How We Help Companies Deploy and Accelerate DPC

We offer end-to-end services from strategy to technology implementation and organizational change management to help clients throughout their digital product creation journey.

Assessment & Education

Assessments, workshops and training, including foresight capabilities to develop a proprietary view of the future of product creation. We help you take stock of your current capabilities and future aspirations to provide a strong foundation for building a DPC strategy that is tailored to your business needs.

Strategy & Roadmap

Strategy, scope, business case and strategic roadmap. From alignment and readiness to platform architecture, data governance, and vendor selection, we develop a comprehensive plan to ensure your DPC program is successful.

Operations & Organizational Change Management

Process redesign, program management, stakeholder alignment, organization readiness and redesign, process and solution training, communications and change management. We lead workshops to build team alignment and provide educational support, to help your team adopt the digital process.

Technology & Data

Technology strategy, proof of concepts, requirements definition, vendor selection, platform architecture, integrations to PLM and voice of customer platforms, data governance, digital asset management. We connect the digital thread across your entire value chain to build an effective, collaborative digital environment tailored to your workflows for a sustainable transformation.

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