High Technology

For high tech companies, securing capital, driving innovation, achieving faster time-to-market, and finding and keeping the right talent is more critical than ever. Major challenges arise from the need to continuously evolve in an innovation-driven industry.

Technology-driven segments such as semiconductor, telecom, consumer electronics, life sciences, original design manufacturers, and hardware and software providers face growing challenges. They will need to adapt to fast-changing markets, rethink processes and capabilities, and leverage suppliers and partners to become more productive and competitive on a global basis.  In most cases they will need to look beyond the four walls of their companies for innovative ideas and ways of doing business.

At Kalypso, our industry leaders combine customer and industry insight with innovation and world-class execution. We help clients to manage innovation, optimize their portfolio, and launch new products and services that broaden and deepen customer relationships.

We guide companies on strategic business and technology decision-making including how to: leverage intellectual assets, create integrated supply chains, raise venture capital, propose innovative growth strategies, effectively manage product development, and optimize the value of products and services throughout their lifecycle.

Our High Technology Industry practice professionals provide services to virtually all types of high tech businesses, including:

  • Computer Hardware
  • Consumer Electronics
  • EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services)
  • ODM (Original Design Manufacturers)
  • Semiconductor
  • Software
  • Telecom & Networking