High Technology

We work with high technology organizations to drive top-line revenue growth from innovation in an industry strife with consolidation and competition.

We partner with clients throughout the product development lifecycle - from commercial and engineering to manufacturing and end-of-life - to enable improved time to market and maximized market lifespan. We do this by combining our high tech industry expertise with leading practices in innovation strategy, product and project portfolio management, new product development execution, change leadership and information technology.

Industry Segments

  • Computer Hardware
  • Consumer Electronics
  • EMS
  • ODM
  • Semiconductor
  • Software
  • Telecom & Networking

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Article Three Enhanced Innovation Capabilities that All Semiconductor Companies Need

It's time for semiconductor companies to take a more comprehensive approach to innovation.
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Article Addressing Three Common Quality-Related Mistakes in High Tech

Time to market is vital, but an exclusive focus on speed often results in quality-related mistakes. With a holistic PLM program that includes strategy, software, processes and culture, organizations can avoid several common quality mistakes.
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Article IP Strategies for High Tech: Answers to Three Common Questions

Last week I co-hosted a Webcast with Kalypso and Dassault Systems called “IP (Intellectual Property) Management: Setting a Foundation for Innovation”. Whether I am speaking in an event like this or working on-site at a client, I hear a lot of…
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White Paper Between the Gates: Practical Tips for New Product Development

Like a rugby scrum, new product development works best when participants bind together to move towards the same goal. Gated processes should clarify team roles and help companies meet innovation expectations. This practical guide will help…
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Article Three New Leading Practices for Semiconductor Innovation

Semiconductor companies are always looking to deliver meaningful growth for innovation, but few actually deliver. Here are three leading practices that successful companies use.
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Article High Tech Troubles

R&D effectiveness of high tech companies is less than 50%. What is the trouble with innovation in high tech?
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Article Using Technology Development (TD) to Unleash Your NPD

When projects miss scheduled gate review dates, new product development project teams and their executive sponsors place the blame on a number of factors, while wondering how to improve things next time.
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Article Enabling Semiconductor Innovation with a Comprehensive Product Record

To achieve true innovation results transformation, all semiconductor firms must now move beyond a basic approach to PLM/PDM with enhanced innovation and new product development capabilities, including the creation of a comprehensive product…
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