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Transform the way you extract, process and deliver raw materials and minerals

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We help mining companies enable safer, more sustainable and profitable operations with digital.

As a bedrock industry critical for the global shift towards electrification and digital transformation, mining faces unprecedented challenges.

Rising demand for minerals, declining ore quality and increased sustainability expectations all put enormous pressure on the industry. Stringent political and regulatory frameworks intensify the burden.

The societal and environmental impacts of the industry amplify end consumer scrutiny and call for rapid change.

Leaders across mining operations — from superintendents and operations managers to environmental health and safety officers — are looking for innovative solutions that can help strike a balance between the adverse demands.

Adoption of digital technologies can help. Enhanced software capabilities paired with AI and growing compute power unlock analytical and optimization capabilities that help increase yield and quality while maintaining regulatory compliance and meeting ESG commitments.

Real Results

  • 2% more gold recovered, using less energy, less water and less chemicals
  • Up to 5% increase in throughput
  • 15% reduction in variability
  • Reduced energy consumption through process and equipment optimization
  • Safer and more productive working environment
  • Cost savings through resource optimization and waste reduction
  • Enhanced sustainability
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Case Study / Newcrest Mining

Case Study / Newcrest Mining: Model Predictive Control for More Efficient Mining

  • Higher recovery

  • Greater throughput

  • Reduced power usage

  • Improved process stability

  • Increased gold recovery

How We Helped Newcrest Mining Maximize Efficiency and Profitability Across Processing Plants with Model Predictive Control

In pursuit of greater efficiency and profitability, Newcrest embarked on a multi-year Process Control & Analytics (PC&A) initiative in partnership with the Kalypso Industrial Data Science team. The forward-thinking PC&A framework strategically combined internal skill enhancement with external collaboration, empowering the deployment of cutting-edge technologies including AI and advanced process controls to revolutionize Newcrest's operations.

Newcrest engaged the Kalypso Industrial Data Science team to explore how Pavilion8® model predictive control (MPC) technology could be deployed in its process plants to achieve key targets. The joint efforts of the Newcrest and Kalypso teams yielded improvements that not only met but often more than doubled the initial targets set, delivering significant and ongoing economic and environmental benefits.

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How We Help Mining with Digital Transformation

Model Predictive Control

Continuously reduce process variability and improve equipment operation precision to improve product consistency while increasing yield, reducing emissions and cost by applying prescriptive intelligence to automation systems.

Energy Management and Sustainability

Reduce energy consumption, optimize resource use, minimize environmental impact and meet sustainability goals with process monitoring and optimization.

Mining Operations Management

Integrate systems and scalable analytics to enable mine-to-market visibility and better decision-making to move toward full digitization.

Digital Strategy and Plant Modernization

Increase efficiency, improve safety measures, drive sustainability and improve regulatory compliance with digital optimization across exploration, extraction, processing, logistics, safety and maintenance.

Connected Worker

Enhance workforce safety and productivity with digital tools that offer real-time health and safety monitoring, task management, team communication, collaboration and on-demand training.

Simulation and Emulation

Empower safer, cost-effective training, remote monitoring and operation, and process optimization with AR/VR and digital twins of mining processes and equipment.

Asset Performance Management

Reduce downtime, improve maintenance planning and safety compliance, and extend equipment longevity with asset monitoring and optimization and predictive maintenance.

High Impact Use Cases

  • Remote operations and mine of the future design
  • Pit-to-port value chain optimization
  • Mine and logistics scheduling optimization
  • Yield optimization in processing plants
  • Predictive maintenance and reliability optimization
  • Maintenance planning, scheduling and execution
  • Energy optimization with improved emissions intensity
  • Digitized execution and safety optimization
  • Electrification and renewables integration
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Building a Safer and More Sustainable Future

We guide mining companies throughout the digital revolution journey from optimizing operational efficiency and enhancing resource management to worker safety and minimizing environmental impact. Our deep industry knowledge, digital expertise and rapid results, lean startup approach deliver unparalleled solutions and results quickly.


We bring digital solutions with an industry focus targeting critical outcomes like increased yield, improved quality and safety.

Intelligent Insights

We increase connectivity across the enterprise to unite data from disparate systems, put it in the right context and use it to generate insights that drive optimal decisions and actions.

Organizational Change Management

We guide mining companies and their personnel through the change associated with adopting new technologies, processes and ways of working.

Global Footprint

Our global operating model combines world-class resources with localized support, allowing us to effectively serve mining companies with geographically dispersed operations.

Technology Partners

The future of mining is digital.

Shape the future of your organization, reach out today.

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