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We help automotive OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers harness digital solutions to bring cleaner, safer vehicles to market more profitably.

The automotive industry faces demanding challenges, including persistent supply chain disruptions caused by geopolitical issues. Stringent regulations drive the need for cleaner, safer vehicles, while evolving consumer trends and new tech players escalate competition for traditional car manufacturers.

EV startups encounter their own hurdles, with high failure rates and difficulties accessing capital and gaining investor trust amidst dwindling cash. They must compete with established incumbents and OEMs entering the EV market. Concurrently designing innovative products, manufacturing processes and information systems presents a unique challenge, often underestimated by leaders with software rather than automotive backgrounds.

The convergence of IT and OT offers opportunities to enable faster time to market through new technologies. When structured into effective industrial digital threads, these technologies unlock significant shareholder value.

Real Results

  • 40% faster time to market
  • 15 – 25% reduced transportation warehousing cost
  • 35 to 70% reduction in inventories
  • 40% reduction in commissioning time
  • 10% OEE improvement
  • 10%+ increased production capacity
  • 30%+ increased asset utilization
  • Cycle times improved up to 50%
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The Industrial Digital Thread for Automotive

The industrial digital thread comprises several interconnected threads, each forming a seamless flow of data that weaves together business processes, systems, products and equipment across the value chain.

This increased connectivity stretches from ideation to product development, through manufacturing, supply chain and service, and closes the loop by integrating feedback from later design stages, operations and customers with products in the field. Each stage can learn from the others, improving operations and efficiencies — so that virtual improves physical, and physical improves virtual.

The results are accelerated product improvement and a superior total customer experience. Time-to-market is improved, along with production yield and quality, all while reducing costs, thanks to the continuous learning and improvements powered by this integrated flow of information.

How We’re Driving Digital Transformation in the Automotive Industry

Condition Based Monitoring

Improve equipment uptime and reduce maintenance time with advanced analytic models that enable predictive maintenance. Aggregate sensor data in a library of assets and automate work order generation based on triggers.

Greenfield Strategy & Launch

Get faster time to value for new plants and reduce the risk of delayed start of production with our program management support for new plant launch.

Virtual Commissioning

Reduce the cost of physical trials and speed time to value for new investments by using 3D emulation to virtually commission processes, detecting problems before they arise in the plant.

Production Performance Management (PPM)

Improve quality, productivity and cost over time by aggregating performance data to gain visibility into major issues. Gain actionable insights to drive improvements and track digital transformation progress.

Closed Loop Optimization

Increase manufacturing productivity and reduce scrap and defects by predicting outcomes based on process parameters and close the loop by actuating process changes to improve outcomes based on model.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Improve quality, productivity and reduce costs with manufacturing process planning powered by manufacturing execution system (MES), supported by user adoption leading practices.

Simulation & Materials Data Management

Manage processes with ease by integrating materials data management and simulation data management solutions into existing systems like product lifecycle management.

Energy Management

Improve energy performance over time to reduce costs and meet SEM goals when you aggregate energy consumption data to gain actionable insights and track improvements.

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