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We help chemical companies harness digital solutions to bring products to market more profitably and sustainably.

The chemical industry underpins vital products in healthcare, food production, water treatment and personal care, supporting enhanced safety, hygiene and overall quality of life. It also drives innovation in high-tech sectors like electronics and renewables, fostering technology advancements and sustainability that consumers increasingly demand.

Even with surging demand for these innovative products, the industry still faces pressures. Shifting consumer preferences, rising sustainability regulations, safety risks and global competition make for a complex business environment. To succeed, chemical companies must prioritize sustainable operations and regulatory compliance, and mitigate fluctuating raw material costs and supply chain disruptions.

Technology advancements in IT and OT, and their convergence enable a digital thread, which unlocks opportunities to overcome these challenges, and drive innovation and performance improvements.


  • Improved data integrity and connectivity
  • Optimized use of data across the organization
  • Lowered operational costs
  • Proactive pricing and market responsiveness
  • Streamlined just-in-time production
  • Upgraded process control and product quality
  • Increased overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
  • Enhanced workforce safety and productivity
  • Optimized resource utilization
  • Improved emissions
  • Enhanced energy use and source traceability
  • Minimized downtime and prolonged asset lifespan
  • Increased operational throughput

The Digital Thread for the Chemical Industry

The digital thread is a seamless flow of data that connects business processes, systems, products and equipment across the value chain. Increased connectivity, from raw material acquisition, to processing into intermediates through to formulation and distribution, enables each stage to learn from the others. Data from disparate systems can be united, put in the right context and used to generate insight that drives optimal decisions and actions. This creates continuous feedback loops that improve operations and efficiencies and increase flexibility in logistics and supply chain.

The results are improved time-to-market, production yield, safety and quality and reduced cost.

How We Help Companies in the Chemical Industry with Digital Transformation

Model Predictive Control (MPC)

  • Applying prescriptive intelligence to automation systems to continuously reduce process variability and improve equipment operation precision
  • Improve product consistency while increasing yield, reducing emissions and cost

Sustainability & Energy (SEM)

  • Optimize energy, water and resource utilization
  • Improve control over emissions and production process
  • Connect value chain data and reporting to meet and track sustainability goals
  • Enhance traceability of energy sources

Digital Strategy

  • Secure funding for scaling with strategic pilots and value case development
  • Enhance data integrity and connectivity for insightful analytics
  • Enable rapid value generation with data-driven insights

Smart Connected Operations

  • Increase throughput, reduce costs and enhance safety across operations
  • Achieve operational excellence and reduce compliance risk with insights into key operational performance indicators
  • Minimize downtime and increase asset lifespan with real-time monitoring
  • Maximize overall equipment efficiency (OEE)

Smart Supply Chain

  • Lower costs and increase throughput with production and supply chain insights
  • Proactive responses to market trends and raw material price fluctuations through predictive analytics
  • Optimize production powered by demand forecasting

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

  • Improve recipe management, traceability and collaboration
  • Enhance regulatory compliance and adaptability
  • Enable predictive and prescriptive analytics for decision-making

Connected Worker

  • Empower workers by overlaying digital information into how work gets done
  • Enhance workforce safety and productivity and skills with augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) enabled training and in-field contextual work instructions

Batch Performance Analytics

  • Consistently produce batches within specification limits, improving adherence to the golden batch with prescriptive machine learning algorithms
  • Quickly identify contributing factors in production variability and help improve regulatory compliance by automating data collection, analysis and reporting of continued process verification
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