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Saluting innovation at Ananas Anam for creating an eco-friendly, natural, vegan alternative to leather. Leather is becoming more expensive, harder to come by, and takes its toll on the environment. To date, alternative materials have largely been synthetic. Thanks to a new material called Pinatex, you can get the same luxurious look and feel of leather in a sustainable, environmentally friendly product that’s easy on your wallet.

Pinatex is a non-woven natural fiber-based textile made from pineapple leaves that looks and feels like leather. The leaves are a by-product of harvesting pineapples so Pinatex requires no additional land, water, fertilizers, or pesticides to produce. It also provides extra income for pineapple producers and the by-products of the material can be used as fertilizers. Fashion designers such as SmithMatthias are already using the beautiful material in their products in an effort to make the fashion industry more environmentally friendly.

We salute Ananas Anam for paving the way for the future of sustainable fashion by exploring alternative, eco-friendly materials.

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