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Innoviews on Retail: Craig Ceccanti of Pinot’s Palette

In Kalypso’s latest Innoview we sit down with Craig Ceccanti, the Co-Founder and CEO of Pinot’s Palette. In a wide-ranging conversation, Craig discusses the importance of innovating the consumer experience, his take on retail trends, how Pinot’s Palette continually innovates their franchise model and how they use data to empower their innovation process.

Creating Memorable Customer Experiences

Human interaction is a very important part of life. Craig Ceccanti, Co-Founder and CEO at Pinot’s Palette, says there’s a debate about what people need vs. what people want. Craig believes Pinot’s Palette exists to make an impact on people’s lives by giving them a space to connect.

Craig Ceccanti’s Take on Retail Trends

“If anything, there is a back lash of people wanting to get off their phones.” Retail is changing rapidly and sifting to focus on the consumer experience. Craig Ceccanti, Co-Founder and CEO at Pinot’s Palette, gives his take on retail trends.

Innovating the Franchise Model

In 2009 Pinot’s Palette opened their first location. Today they have more than 100 locations across the United States and Canada. Craig Ceccanti, Co-Founder and CEO, believes the franchise space is a partnership and he expects his franchises to share the innovations they discover.

Data-Empowered Innovation

At Pinot’s Palette, they built their own software system to support the business and analyze consumer data, because there was nothing on the market to fit their specific needs. Now, the in-house software team uses it to collect data to empower innovation and communication within their company.