Viewpoints By Amy Kenly

Article: Research Summary – Digital Product Creation Maturity in RFA

3D and DPC jumped in importance for footwear and apparel brands in 2020, but how close are we to full scale adoption and real results? Our research shows five key insights.

Article: Top 10 Innovation Articles of 2020

It was a year unlike any other, as companies struggled to meet near-term demands while seeking long-term resilience. This year's list of top innovation articles reflects the importance and acceleration of digital transformation as a means to survive and thrive in the future.

Article: Top 10 Innovation Articles of 2019

In the past decade digital has completely disrupted to the way innovation and product development teams work. But as the 2019 list of Top 10 Articles shows, the core challenge remains: to develop products that improve people’s lives and deliver business results. Enjoy!

Article: Innoviews on Retail: Craig Ceccanti of Pinot’s Palette

Craig Ceccanti, the Co-Founder and CEO of Pinot’s Palette, discusses the importance of innovating the consumer experience, his take on retail trends, how Pinot’s Palette continually innovates their franchise model and how they use data to empower their innovation process.

Article: The Internet of Things Needs Innovators with these Three Traits: Sound Like You?

Think about the challenges faced when trying to do something revolutionary; something innovative. Malcom Gladwell talks about three traits innovators need to overcome obstacles, and we think those are the people who can drive true value from the Internet of Things.