Viewpoints By Ryan Whittle

Video: KNOW: The Future of Product Data Analytics

In the second video of our KNOW series, we explore the application of advanced analytics to product development data.

Video: KNOW: The Future of Farming

In the first installment of our new essay series, KNOW, we explore of the future of farming in a digital world.

Video: Digital Tools to Transform Retail Product Development

Retail product development is changing more now than it has in the past 15 years. Leaders must transform their product development lifecycles to survive in a digital world, and PLM alone can't produce the required results. It's time for retailers to turn to a new set of transformation levers, enabled by digital tools and technologies.

Video: The Importance of Culture to an Effective Innovation Strategy

A company’s innovation culture is an important and distinct competitive advantage, but only if it aligns with innovation and corporate strategy. Domino’s is a great example for a variety of reasons.

Video: Four Climate Elements of an Effective Innovation Culture

Delivering on innovation requires aligning corporate strategy with capabilities and culture. Innovation leaders need to foster four climate elements to drive innovation in their organizations.

Video: The Best Innovation Content of 2016

In 2016 we set our sights on the future of innovation, exploring the new digital frontier. Enjoy our top pieces from 2016, and join us as we continue to deliver better results from innovation in a digital world in 2017 - and beyond. 

Video: Food & Beverage Innovation Insights: Using Creativity to Unlock Breakthrough Innovation

Solving the food & beverage industry’s biggest challenges is going to require creativity. Innovation leaders should help their teams develop the creative confidence to openly explore and learn throughout the innovation process.

Video: Food & Beverage Innovation Insights: Building Trust and Consumer Confidence

Despite food being safer, more available and more affordable than ever before, consumer trust is at an all-time low. Charlie Arnot, CEO of the Center for Food Integrity, says trust depends on transparency and engagement with consumers around shared values.

Video: Food & Beverage Innovation Insights: Leading for a Culture of Innovation

Many business cultures are anti-innovation because they are built for stability, certainty and predictability. Leaders from the Rise Group give their tips for creating a culture where ambiguity and innovation are supported and accepted.

Video: Food & Beverage Innovation Insights: Improving Nutrition in the U.S. Food Supply: Opportunities from an FDA Perspective

Innovation in regulated industries like food & beverage is especially complex. Dr. Susan Mayne explores the role of the FDA and how food and beverage manufactures can work with the FDA to build a safer, healthier food supply for the future.