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Be more nimble: Empower Innovation for Consumer Goods Companies with a CPG Cloud Solution

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry growth remains stagnant with annual growth rates lurking around 2%. Small-to mid-tier manufacturers are outperforming larger companies, delivering annual growth rates of 3%-6% and 75% of category growth.1 Their success is often attributed to being nimble at innovation. How can you bring that agility into your business to drive growth?

Operationalize Innovation to Drive Growth Watch the Demo

Don't get bogged down by processes and legacy solutions. Leverage solutions that are built to enable you to keep your focus on results and speed.

Enter innovation in the cloud. We combined cloud technology with our CPG industry and innovation expertise to deliver a flexible, scalable innovation platform that can grow as you grow, enabling you to:

  • Identify high-value opportunities
  • Connect the front end of innovation with commercialization
  • Establish a centralized record for all product development data
  • Meet quality and compliance standards

See a demo of how to operationalize innovation to drive continuous growth with Accel for CPG powered by Oracle Cloud.

1. Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Report, June 2016