Saluting Innovation @ Ubiquitous Energy

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Saluting Innovation at Ubiquitous Energy for developing a solar panel that is totally transparent, making ugly solar panels a thing of the past. At only 1/1000th of a mm thick, Clearview Power Technology panels are light, thin, and extremely inexpensive to produce. Ubiquitous Energy wants to change the stigma of ugly solar panels and make solar power aesthetically pleasing and appealing for the average consumer.

Since the new panels only absorb ultraviolet and infrared light, 90% of visible light can pass through, opening the possibility for windows to serve as solar panels or panels layered atop roof tiles. No one would be the wiser that you’re saving money and energy.

The panels also have applications in the mobile electronics industry. Imagine using a phone that doesn’t have a battery and never needs to charge. The screen could collect solar energy and convert it to energy without affecting the ability to use or see the screen. I dream of the day I can leave my chargers at home while I travel. Saluting Ubiquitous Energy for commercializing the first of endless possibilities for Clearview Power Technology solar panels.

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