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GeniCan isn’t afraid to talk trash. A bar code scanner and voice-activated grocery list generator in one, the GeniCan pops onto the side of your trash can. When you go to throw something out, all you do is swipe the item's barcode code past the barcode reader to add it to your grocery list. If your item does not have a barcode, don’t worry, you can tell GeniCan what item you’d like to add to your list. GeniCan connects to your home wifi network to add items to the shopping list located in an app on your smartphone. Talk about homes of the future!

On top of the time saved with going through the fridge to make your grocery list, you’ll save a few dollars along the way. Studies have shown that when you head to the grocery story with a list, you’re more likely to spend less money on things you don’t need.

But GeniCan doesn’t stop at building your grocery list. By partnering with Amazon Dash, GeniCan can automatically reorder items you’re throwing away. No need to make a trip to the store, simply throw out the trash and a replacement will be delivered directly to your door.

We salute GeniCan for making shopping efficient and convenient. This everyday task is now even easier than pushing a button.

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