Saluting Innovation @ Disney Research

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Saluting innovation at Disney Research for reinventing the way makeup is used in the film industry. Cosmetics continue to evolve, producing more realistic and detailed effects every day, but Disney Research is going the extra mile to explore new possibilities. Instead of trying to make cosmetics better, Disney research wants to make them irrelevant!

Makeup Lamps, a special light that is projected onto a performer’s face, gives the illusion that the performer has makeup on. The lamp predicts facial movement and reacts seamlessly using an advanced predictive algorithm. The audience would never know it’s not makeup!

Cosmetics have been a critical part of the film industry for centuries, but its application is time consuming and can be uncomfortable. Disney Research has provided a brand-new way to provide the same effect makeup, but without the time and effort, opening up a world of possibility. I am excited to see how this revolutionizes the industry and salute Disney Research for shining a new light on cosmetic innovation.

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