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Saluting innovation at Knowtro, Inc for translating research into knowledge for everyone.

Knowtro set out on a mission to transform complex research into simple statements of knowledge all readers can understand. The Ed-Tech startup takes research papers in the social sciences and transforms them into open access research findings, making the acquisition and utilization of knowledge easier, more efficient and, largely, free.

Research,often for good reason, takes slack for collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. As new digital capabilities, like IoT, unleash bridges to new information and insights, the need for tools to share data is greater than ever. Unlocking evidence based-research will give both the scientific community and general public the capability to push the knowledge frontier forward and make more effective, data-driven decisions. Knowtro compiles data found in published research papers in the top third of academic journals and presents it in easy-to-read statements based on validity and usefulness, making it easy to find meaningful, data driven insights in seconds.

For example, by simply searching “smartphone, reading, sleep,” Knowtro quickly delivers research that suggests those of you reading this on your smartphone after 9pm will decrease your sleep quantity by .015 minutes1. You will also find sleep quantity decreases morning depletion by 9% and morning depletion decreases work engagement the next day by 15%2. See how this works?

Tell your boss I’m sorry for the lack of productivity tomorrow and join me in saluting Knowtro for placing data-driven insights at our fingertips.

1. Lanaj, K., Johnson, R. E., & Barnes, C. M., (2014). Beginning the workday yet already depleted?

2. Consequences of late-night smartphone use and sleep. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 24, 11-24., Accessed 1 May. 2017

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