Viewpoints By David Comerford

Article: Slow Down to Speed Up Your Digital Transformation

97% of manufacturers reported that they have or plan to invest in smart manufacturing technology. We find most manufacturing transformation programs fall into one of two scenarios.

Article: Digital Service Transformation: Shift Service from a Cost Center to a Differentiator

For companies that manufacture complex capital equipment that sits in a hospital, manufacturing plant or other industrial setting for years, optimizing the way those products are serviced, updated and upgraded can be a competitive differentiator.

Article: Digital Doorbells: How to Meet High-Tech Consumer Needs with Digital Technologies

As high-tech products, systems, processes and data become more complex, companies are leveraging digital technologies - like digital twins, smart connected operations and machine learning - to build value and stay competitive.

Article: Practical Steps for Smart Connected Operations

Here are practical steps to equip you with the knowledge and insight needed to advance a smart connected operations initiative within your organization.

Article: Getting Started with Smart Connected Operations

Smart connected operations allow manufacturers to leverage emerging technology to tap the well of data at their fingertips, creating insights at scale that can be used to improve operational performance and discover new business models. 

Microblog: Saluting Innovation @ Knowtro

Saluting innovation at Knowtro, Inc for translating research into knowledge for everyone.

Article: A Practical IoT Use Case: Smart Asset Management and Heads Up Displays for Industrial Manufacturers

Lost time. Lost resources. Lost opportunity. These three themes characterize the major sources of waste in any manufacturing site that does not use smart asset management tracking.