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DeRoyal Industries Improved Forecasting to Balance Seasonality

How We Helped DeRoyal Industries Reduce Backorders and Improve Seasonal Forecasting with Oracle Cloud

DeRoyal Industries selected Kalypso as their trusted partner to make the switch to Oracle Cloud.

To start, we reviewed DeRoyal’s on-premises Oracle Demantra system and found that it was requiring extensive manual reviews, and had several blind spots in forecasting for the sales and marketing team.

Real Results

  • End-to-end demand planning capabilities with positive ROI in just six months

  • Advanced configuration of exception handling and review

  • Forecasts rooted in sound statistical modeling

  • Integrations with both JD Edwards (JDE) and Salesforce (SFDC)

  • Improved seasonal forecasting backorders and products shipped to customers a with greater efficiency

  • Manufacturing costs are under control and overstocking of products has been reduced

  • Exception reports reduced time needed for the forecasting process

  • Integrated demand into standard monthly S&OP process​

  • Streamlined data from other departments for companywide collaboration

During our review, we found:

  • A highly customized legacy system that was difficult and time-consuming to maintain
  • Manual audits created data errors and took time away from other projects
  • Heavily biased forecasts led to not enough inventory on-hand to satisfy customers
  • Reviewing each item / location was a time-consuming process that couldn’t be finished each month
  • Single point of failure: The entire process and all the inventory tied up in it would be adversely affected.
  • Carrying more safety stocks to hedge against low forecasts
  • No consistent way to convey strategic level recommendations to upper management

DeRoyal Industries, a leading privately-held medical device manufacturer that makes over 25,000 products, needed a forecasting and operations tool that would streamline their processes and produce more accurate forecasts.

We implemented Oracle Demand Management Cloud to help DeRoyal Industries get more accurate seasonal forecasts, more efficient demands on manufacturing, and enhanced data review and cleanup. To streamline implementation, non-technical users were brought in early so they could be trained on how to use the new system.

The implementation of Oracle Cloud helped DeRoyal Industries to create more efficient processes throughout the entire supply chain. This resulted in better use of time, resources, and ultimately happier customers.

Improving Forecasting to Balance Seasonality

Our work made it possible for DeRoyal Industries to scale their business more rapidly and more efficiently, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

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