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Case Study: Future-Proofed Growth

How We Helped Gopuff Automate Internal Processes to Support Future Growth with Oracle Cloud

Kalypso was brought in by Gopuff to implement Oracle Cloud to increase automation, improve inventory tracking, and prepare for growth.

Gopuff, an online delivery provider, brought us in because they had outgrown their pieced together IT system that required staff to perform manual tracking and updates. Gopuff grew rapidly and to keep pace with its growth as a successful startup and appease investors, Gopuff needed more integrated and automated systems.

Real Results

  • Sharply reduced the manual burden on its purchasing department

  • Made the company’s increasingly complex operations more efficient

  • Automated purchasing, inventory, and replenishment

  • Got clarity into what’s being purchased and at which price

  • Has more real-time financial visibility and reporting


  • Implement an automated, comprehensive system quickly to keep pace with expected business growth
  • Begin using electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • Reduce the manual burden on employees while maintaining current staffing levels

For our work with Gopuff, we implemented:

  • Oracle Purchasing Cloud
  • Oracle Financial Cloud
  • Oracle General Ledger
  • Oracle Payables
  • Oracle Receivables
  • Oracle Cash Management
  • Oracle Supplier Portal

One of the most important goals for Gopuff was to get to a live system quickly. We implemented the entire Oracle Cloud system for them within six months.

Kalypso was the chosen partner based on our Cloud ERP and SCM experience and configuration accelerators that allows integration to the Oracle platform with GoBrand’s eCommerce systems in a short time frame required for this initiative. This project also sets the stage for future investments in the Oracle Cloud.

After the six-month implementation was complete, Gopuff could automate purchasing, inventory, and replenishment, which saved the company time and money. Additionally, the Oracle Cloud systems gave Gopuff better access to financial reports, allowing them to better negotiate with suppliers and provide real-time visibility for investors.

Future-Proofing Growth with Oracle Cloud

Our work made it possible for Gopuff to automate internal processes, eliminating the need to hire more employees while improving financial visibility and reporting.

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