Enable Formulation and Compliance
within your Oracle PLM Solution

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Kalypso helps formulated product manufacturers integrate recipe and formula development within their Oracle PLM solution with the Formulation and Compliance Workbench.

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Formulated product development requires the ability to simultaneously develop and manage formulas as well as process instructions and discrete product components.

But companies that design and manufacture formulated products such as food, cosmetics and nutritional supplements face constraints in their product development cycles as many existing PLM solutions manage discrete parts of products but offer limited practical capabilities for building and managing recipes and formulas.

As a result, formulation development tasks are often performed in silos outside of the PLM solution leading to:

  • Disconnected product design processes and data
  • Lack of traceability between formulated components and the rest of the product design
  • Cumbersome and error-prone data transformation from formulation tools into the PLM design system
  • A need for specialty knowledge of multiple systems

Ultimately, this compromises efficiency, compliance and time-to-market.

Integrating formulation and compliance processes with PLM will give you:

  • Reduced cycle times
  • Improved product integrity, data access and accuracy
  • Improved product quality
  • Simplified data audits and reduced compliance risk
  • Improved PLM ROI
  • Reduced cost from lower direct material spend, shorter cycle times and a simplified IT landscape

It's time to evolve your formulation and compliance processes within PLM. Think forward. Act now.

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