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Case Study: Improving Forecasting and Efficiency

How we helped Hitachi Vantara Implement an Industrial-Grade Cloud System to Improve Forecasting and Efficiency

Hitachi Vantara, the tech-forward, digital transformation-focused arm of the multinational conglomerate Hitachi Corporation, brought Kalypso in to upgrade them from a Microsoft Excel-based forecasting to a cloud system to scale and grow with them.

When we examined Hitachi Vantara’s original system, we found a team that was disconnected and working across multiple siloed systems, which was neither efficient nor scalable.

Real Results

  • Forecasting processes are quicker and capable of yielding cleaner and more timely data

  • Now can look at any type of data, understand what it’s saying, and adjust the relevant processes and systems as necessary

  • Fully adopted the new and robust demand planning capabilities, and is well-positioned to get the most from its supply chain

  • Improved simulation of large order drop-in’s for commit purposes

  • Best of breed statistical forecast

  • Daily refresh of transaction data

What we found:

  • Forecasts were produced using historical data and data from business partners as they didn’t have an efficient or automated way to create unit forecasts
  • Their forecasting approach was highly manual and fragmented
  • It took hours to gather and manipulate data across different systems
  • The manual processes used Excel spreadsheets, which didn’t offer the level of analysis that Hitachi Vantara needed

At Kalypso, we’re not only a system integrator who moves your team from an old system to a new one, but we also make sure that your team knows how to use the new systems based on the client’s unique business processes.

We provided training to all internal team members who will be using the system. This, along with our industry and technical acumen, is why Hitachi Vantara chose to work with us to move their team to Oracle Cloud.

The implementation of Oracle Cloud was completed on time and within budget. Now, Hitachi Vantara’s data is routed through a data lake, where the information is stored raw. Data from Oracle EBS, (SFDC), and other sources are all stored in one, accessible place so anyone who needs the data can access it with ease.

Improving Forecasting and Productivity with Oracle Cloud

Our work made it possible for Hitachi Vantara to work more efficiently and gain new insights into their business, and with the ability to scale.

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