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Case Study: Improved Inventory Accuracy with Oracle Cloud

How we helped Santa Cruz Nutritionals Reduce Inventory Errors by 40%

Santa Cruz Nutritionals (SCN) selected Kalypso to help them automate demand and supply planning operations so they could scale their business more efficiently.

To start, we mapped SCN’s current processes and matched them to best practices and Oracle Cloud Applications, which could replace the current process with a more integrated, streamlined, and automated approach to planning.

Real Results

  • A 40% reduction in inventory errors

  • Improved data access and visibility, which makes for a more robust and scalable planning process

  • Better access to metric tracking, which allows for growth and improvement over time

  • Greater supply planning accuracy and improved customer service 

  • Inclusion of customer POS data to create dynamic forecasts for quick simulations in rapidly changing market

During our assessment, we found:

  • Most processes required manual, time-consuming labor to complete
  • Microsoft Excel was the predominate planning tool
  • Output data was slow and error-prone

Oracle Cloud Applications in action:

  • The Oracle Cloud Applications are tightly integrated with Santa Cruz Nutritionals’ ERP system, AMAPS
  • Kalypso’s eLync integration platform was established so that this ERP solution could seamlessly and securely integrate into the Oracle Cloud Applications
  • Kalypso’s eLync, which is built on Oracle technology, provides user-friendly, pre-configured cloud adapters that integrate Oracle Cloud applications to legacy ERP applications

Santa Cruz Nutritionals manufactures gummy vitamins, supplements, and other botanicals for companies of all sizes.

Before using Oracle Cloud, SCN was using Microsoft Excel to track inventory and forecast future sales. These manual processes couldn’t scale to meet customer demands and caused them to have products back-ordered for months at a time.

The implementation of Oracle Cloud spanned two phases: installation and training. The Kalypso team spent four months installing the Oracle Cloud system, training internal team members to encourage full adoption of the tools, and creating exceptional documentation to avoid scope creep and outline specific use guidelines. Also, due to COVID restrictions, the entire project was managed remotely by Kalypso.

Improving Inventory Accuracy with Oracle Cloud

Our work made it possible for SCN to modernize and automate its forecasting. They now have a single source of truth, which can be accessed and used by anyone who needs the information.

Thought Leaders

Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin