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Case Study: Improving On-time Delivery for Highly Customizable Products

We helped Srixon/Cleveland Golf Improve On-time Delivery for Highly Customizable Products

Kalypso was selected by Srixon/Cleveland Golf to improve ROI and customer experience by boosting delivery estimate accuracy for their infinitely customizable golf clubs and golf balls.

To start, we reviewed Srixon/Cleveland Golf’s current warehouse management solution to understand their business processes and pain points. and address solutions. When customers placed an order for a custom golf club, we found that employees had to manually check whether each separate component was in stock and then update the customer service team. This created an unreliable customer experience as predicting delivery dates was a tedious and uncertain process.

Real Results

  • An 81% increase in orders fulfilled by promise dates

  • Granular visibility into custom club availability thanks to CTP/ATP

  • A sharp reduction in siloed, manual processes common in the JDE days

  • Increased profitability due to improved customer satisfaction and more efficient fulfillment processes

During our review, we also found:

  • An IT environment that was difficult and costly to maintain
  • A lack of supply planning logic based on the inability to easily check inventory
  • Difficulties in backing up and recovering data
  • Unable to grow due to supply chain management issues

To better match supply and demand, we implemented Oracle Supply Planning Cloud and Global Order Processing (GOP) Cloud for Srixon/Cleveland Golf.

As a global manufacturer of golf clubs and golf balls, Srixon/Cleveland Golf needed forecast accuracy and certainty to meet customer demands and on-time deliveries.

With the implementation of Oracle Cloud, Srixon/Cleveland Golf saw improved visibility for order fulfillment, increased profitability, and the better internal awareness of which products were available and which weren’t.

Improving On-Time Delivery with Oracle Cloud

Our work made it possible for Srixon/Cleveland Golf to fulfill orders on time, with more accuracy, and with fewer manual processes which results in happier customers.

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