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Innovation has always been hard work. Then, digital technologies began to disrupt innovation - both in the way innovation happens and the innovations that are brought to market. At the core your challenge is still the same: to develop products that improve humans' lives and deliver business results. Yet with digital, you now have a new and growing set of capabilities to discover, create, make and sell better products.

Oracle offers an unparalleled suite of cloud digital technologies that can power your business end-to-end. As strategic partners, Kalypso and Oracle work together to help companies drive faster realization of business objectives, benefits and return on technology investments.

For MBX 2019, Kalypso built a practical use case with a live demonstration on how emerging technologies provide new opportunities for companies to streamline the discover to make process and drive a continuous flow of insights between market, engineering and manufacturing. Uncover new product needs, solve and prevent manufacturing issues with Oracle Cloud and Kalypso.

In conference sessions, Kalypso presented jointly with clients from Eli Lilly and ICU Medical.

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Smart Connected Discover to Make

The ability to deliver novel, quality, compliant products quickly to market is critical for innovation success. It is hard work. It requires market insights to conceive innovative offerings, ability to turn ideas into manufacturable products and deliver them to market before the competition. Effective collaboration and information availability are critical success factors. PLM has provided significant efficiency and productivity benefits helping manufacturers shorten design cycles, but it has had limited impact on delivering more innovation or improving the design to manufacturing integration. Companies miss innovation revenue targets as a result of launching me-too products or products that fail to meet core requirements. Products continue to be designed with little input from manufacturing and operations often resulting in production issues that affect ramp-up and projected yields.

Emerging technologies like IoT, adaptive intelligence and cloud provide an opportunity to change that. They offer a new mechanism to unlock continuous connectivity and insights flow between market, engineering, and manufacturing that can drive further innovation and improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Experience how you can streamline the discover to make process enabling a continuous flow of insights between market, engineering and manufacturing to help uncover new product needs, solve and prevent manufacturing issues with Oracle Cloud and Kalypso.

  • MBX 2019 Workshop Presentation: Enabling Smart Connected Discover to Make with PLM and Emerging Technologies Download Presentation
  • MBX 2019 Session with Eli Lilly: Connecting the Dots from Idea to Market with Oracle Cloud Download Presentation

Innovate to Commercialize (I2C) with PLM Cloud or a Hybrid Solution

Companies with structured, end-to-end processes and solutions from ideation to commercialization typically see better results from innovation. In the past enabling this integrated innovation process often involved complex and costly integrations of multiple point solutions. Today, Oracle PLM Cloud removes the complexity of multiple solutions with a single integrated platform for innovation, product development and commercialization – and with embedded analytics.

Not everyone is ready for a complete migration to PLM Cloud. For some the path to end-to-end I2C is through a hybrid model. This option allows on-premises PLM users to maximize their original PLM investments and enhance the solution with select PLM Cloud components to prepare for faster migration to Cloud in the future.

At MBX 2019, Kalypso presented with clients from ICU Medical about the company’s Oracle hybrid product development solution.

Build a Digital Product Master with Oracle Product Hub (PH) Cloud

Businesses today are increasingly challenged by product data growth and complexity. The progressive use of digital authoring tools along with channel demands for comprehensive product information are leading to proliferation of data silos. The scattered and inconsistent data impedes a business’s ability to meet market pressures for launching more diversified products into more channels faster. Initiatives for business growth via mergers and acquisitions, and operations optimization through system modernization further complicate the state of current enterprise product data.

To provide a 360-degree view of a product expected in today’s digital age, while maintaining data integrity, businesses need to evolve their product master data management practices.

Build your digital product master with Oracle PH to enable a flexible but governed way to aggregate, manage and share product data.

Improve Product Development Results with Machine Learning and Adaptive Intelligence

Companies with PLM collect large quantities of diverse, structured data as they develop products. But PLM alone can’t provide true insight from this data. Kalypso has developed a suite of extensions to Oracle PLM using Oracle Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to provide advanced analytics capabilities in a PLM environment.

Experience how companies are using machine learning with PLM data to predict an outcome and improve product development results by understanding the causes behind non-compliances, problem reports, product failures and quality issues.

PaaS Solutions

Kalypso develops applications on Oracle PaaS, extending the capabilities of Oracle software to unlock new business value, enable tailored experiences and drive competitive advantage. Stop by MBX booth PLM-01 to see demos of these solutions:

Compliance Hub powered by Oracle PaaS and PLM Cloud

A pre-packaged leading-practice platform that brings together the key dimensions of product compliance in one place: product information, supplier information, markets and sourcing locations for products and materials, local regulations.

Formulation and Compliance (F&C) Workbench powered by Oracle PaaS and PLM Cloud

A pre-packaged leading-practice platform for formula and recipe development that facilitates effective compliance screening that integrates with Oracle PLM Cloud and manufacturing solutions. Preview: F&C for Food and Beverage; F&C for Health and Wellness

Enhanced Traceability and Comparison

A configurable tool that connects IM to Agile PLM or Product Development to provide a multi-column traceability comparison report.

Project Management Gantt

Displays critical path in a graphical view.

Product Information Management Accelerator (PIMa) powered by Oracle PaaS and Oracle EDQ

A tool that integrates with MDM hubs or ERP applications to improve the availability and accuracy of product data information. Preview: PIMa


Seamless, secure and supported integration solution for enabling hybrid environments.